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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Homelessness has been a problem in the capital city for years. Now, local leaders are coming together local leaders are coming together help make sure officers are ready to deal with people living on the street.

“I think it’s the job of everybody together to make sure that the homeless population are safe and secure,” said Sister Jeanne Felion with Stanford Settlement.

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Winter weather across the region has forced the homeless to seek dry ground wherever they can.

“You know I got blown away last night, even from the wind being strong,” said Carol Mack, who has been homeless for nearly two years. “My tent blew away, it got broken, the poles got broken. I have a little dog in there and that’s my companion and my baby and I don’t want to get hurt.”

But with high water on the riverbanks and rain-soaked encampments, the rush is on to find a place for them to go.

“They’re screwing up because they’ve got a lot of abandoned buildings out here that they can make shelters out of,” said Larry King, who has been homeless for several years.

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