OLIVEHURST (CBS13) – This is not the night Jesus Cervantes counted on when he took daughter for a drive in the orchards in his truck.

“I don’t think it was that deep. It’s just been drizzling all day,” he said after his truck got stuck in water up to the bottom of the cab.

With the worst of the storm yet to come, most in this area are preparing. Carts and heavy machinery from the Peachtree Golf and Country Club were moved to higher ground. Residents in this area are packed up and ready to go.

“We’re getting sand bags, we are putting stuff in trunk that’s important to us. If it gets bad we are going to my aunt’s on the base,” said Colbie Roe.

It’s expected to get bad enough that areas in the flood zone, will see significant rising water.

The river will crest at 86 feet – 7 feet above flood level. This in spite of the roughly $450 million invested in shoring up the levee system in Yuba County. And residents in Yuba County are still trying to shore up the distance between the water and their homes.

Twenty-thousand sandbags have already been given out. Another group came after they finished work for more.

“About 25, 30 just to be on the safe side,” said John Elliot, a resident.

It’s a routine they are used to.

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