Essential Oils
Looking to lose weight in the new year?!  We’re checking out essential oils.

Essential Symone
Facebook: Essential Symone
IG: Essential Symone

Cued Ballroom Dance
Starting January 1st, Sacramento’s small-but-enthusiastic Cued Ballroom Dance (aka Round Dance) community will finally have a club of its own!  This is the first such club in Northern California, and quite possibly the first in the state.

Cookie Coma
Get out of the fog of the Christmas Cookie Coma and dump the sugar slump in 2017!  Melissa’s with a coach and health expert revealing great hacks to incorporate into your life!

Free Video Available:

Cellphones Hands-Free
New hands-free laws have kicked in so we’ll go to the Pink Spot and check all the accessories they have to keep you safe and ticket-free.

The Pink Spot
511 W El Camino Ave
Sacramento, California
(916) 514-1854

2017 is here! Now, it’s time to get in shape, but forget about the boring gym workouts! This year, why not try something fun? This morning Wendy is at Body Tribe Fitness practicing their unique Hot Lava Tag.


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