DAILY LIST: 3 Reasons You Had Trouble Falling Asleep on Sunday Night
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Surprise Tree Delivery
Dave’s Xmas Trees at Vierra Farms is now open for the Holiday Season! What better way to celebrate than surprising people with a beautiful tree?! Melissa’s tagging along this morning to capture the delivery fun LIVE on Good Day!

Dave’s Xmas Trees
3010 Burrows Avenue, West Sacramento

Pet Diabetes
‘Tis the season for overindulging!  But don’t let the feasting carry over to your furry friend!  Many pet parents don’t realize that dogs and cats can get diabetes just like humans!  As the American diabetes month comes to a close and we gear up for yet another holiday of feasting, we’ll show you the signs to look for and how easy it is to manage the condition in pets!

Early Warning Signs of Diabetic Pet:
– Increased thirst
– Sudden increase in appetite
– Sudden weight loss (despite an increase in appetite)
– Increased urination
– Increased lethargy

Modern Trophy Wife
It’s a challenge many women are faced with once they have children — the myth that you have to choose between being a mom and being a professional.  One author says you can be both and is helping local ladies find that happy work-life balance!  She says the secret lies in treating yourself!  That’s right — putting your needs first isn’t actual selfish, it makes you a better working mom!  Today we’re sharing her tips for practicing self-care, especially during the holidays!!

Holiday Self-Care Help:
(1) Take one day off during the holiday season just to pamper yourself away from your family and friends.
(2) Take break from your phone if you have nothing work related to do
(3) Develop your holiday wind down routine.
(4) Schedule time for a form of exercise that you enjoy.

You can purchase your paperback or Hardcover copy of The Modern Trophy Wife on Amazon, Barnes&Noble.com, and IBooks. Find out more about Dr. Gathing at http://www.ayogathingmd.com.

Transitional Beauty
Transitional fall to winter beauty!!  The looks and products to keep you glam through the end of the season!!  Our resident beauty expert Mickey Williams reveals her top picks and battling the local elements!



Manly Minute: Flying Like a Gentleman
A gentleman always does what he must do, and regardless of the circumstances, makes things as pleasant and smooth as possible for those around him – friends and strangers alike. Through gestures big and small, he shows a respect for the needs of others and an awareness of how his behavior affects them. He knows his example encourages others to follow suit, and that the more individuals who choose to adopt common-sense manners, the more enjoyable life becomes for all. A small sacrifice in the present ends up benefitting not only other people, but himself as well.
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