Show Info. – 11/18/16

The Daily List: 3 Things to Buy In Season, And What To Do With Them
Frozen food has come a long way — but if you can buy fresh produce, why wouldn’t you? On the Daily List this morning, three things that are in season — and what to do with them!
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Persimmon cookie recipe

Wholesale Produce Market
Grand Central Station for produce!!  We’re taking you inside one of the nation’s largest wholesale  produce markets!   In the wee hours of the morning (around 2am to be exact), this place is a buzzing metropolis with grocery store distributors going head-to-head to battle it out for the freshest fruits and veggies!  Michael Marks is givings us a rare glimpse into the intense behind-the-scenes action.

San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market
2095 Jerrold Avenue, Suite 212
San Francisco
(415) 550-4495

Yoga To Get Taller
Don’t throw on the heels to get more height! Just turn to yoga!! There are poses that can help make you taller! Melissa’s live at Yoga Shala in Sacramento showing you the poses for posture! Sign up for newsletter to get a FREE 21-days of specific yoga-pose benefits delivered straight to your inbox.

FREE 21 days yoga pose benefits

Frozen Turkey Convoy
A community comes together to help the needy!  The friends of Folsom folks have been busy collecting turkeys to help feed families this thanksgiving!  After collecting over 2,000 frozen turkeys, it’s time to load ’em up and move ’em out!  Who can handle two tons of turkeys?!   The Marine Corps of course! We’re live as these brave men and women suit up and load these thanksgiving birds onto military vehicles!!

Friends of Folsom
(916) 461-3160

Coffee With a Cause
A local family in Lodi recently purchased Vine and Branches Book Store, remodeled it and added a twist they are now serving special coffees!! They are calling the coffee “Coffee with a Cause”. A percentage is going towards funding the Hope Initiative, a non-profit organization helping to fight sex trafficking in San Joaquin County. They want to encourage everyone to come out tonight for their grand opening!!

Sac State Rock Auction
Harper Alumni Hall
6000 J Street
6-8:30 p.m.

PBA In Town
Tina and Ju take on professional bowlers! The PBA is in town and their tournament is at Strikes in Rocklin this weekend! We get a preview and lessons too!

3rd Annual PBA West
Northwest Region Capital City Open
Today through Sunday
Strikes Unlimited in Rocklin
5681 Lonetree Blvd.

Never Too Early for Christmas
You know that sad, depressing feeling you get when it’s time to put away your Christmas decorations? The 99 has a remedy for that! Bring out your Christmas Tree right now and decorate it with Harvest decorations and enjoy a few extra weeks of holiday warmth in your home to jumpstart the holiday season! Stores open from 8am-10pm
Facebook: 99¢ Only Stores (@99centsonly)
Instagram: @99centsonly
Twitter: @99only

Front Street Animal Shelter
Wow! A local realtor is picking up the tab for ALL adoptions at the City of Sacramento’s Front Street Animal Shelter until the end of the year!– and the offer had 1.4 million views on Facebook as of mid-morning Wednesday!!

Paid Adoptions Thru 12/31!!

Art Street
Remember the Art Hotel? It was a major project commissioning artists to basically turn an abandoned hotel into a temporary museum. ArtStreet is the follow-up project to the incredibly popular Art Hotel project.

Patty’s Pantry Do-Ahead
Patty’s pantry!  Our fabulous local recipe developer and resident foodie know-it-all is back to help you prep for thanksgiving!  She’ll show us how to take the stress out of turkey day by doing all the grunt work now!!  And don’t waste time at the grocery store, some of the ingredients you need may already have could be in your pantry!  We’ll reveal the pantry staples that can help you save time and money this thanksgiving!!

Big Build
SMUD’s 2016 Building Leadership Talent team has worked with Wind Youth Services to help raise money and awareness through fundraising events, a hygiene kit drive, and a number of improvements to the featured house. The BLT, along with leaders of the Sacramento Dream Center, applied for and received a grant for a Home Depot Renovation Day in the amount of $3,000. Home Depot and BLT volunteers will spend the day improving the property.

Wind Youth Services
Drop-In Center
3671 5th Ave., Sacramento
(916) 561-4900
***Donations: (916) 504-3313

Republic of Tea
It’s high tea time! Well, it is in the UK, but we’ll get tips from a tea expert on different herbal teas that can do everything from boost an afternoon slump to clear up your skin!

Twitter @republicoftea
Instagram @republicoftea

Manly Minute: Gaining Weight In The Winter
Congratulations! Right now you’re as thin as you’ll be all year. And halfway through the holiday season, all of that dedication to staying healthy will fall apart like a derelict gingerbread house scheduled for the food compactor. Why? According to Jonathan Ross, award-winning personal trainer and author of Abs Revealed, you can thank decreased daylight, low temperatures, and holidays that, as far as your diet is concerned, turn into holi-months. That doesn’t take into account the office-kitchen cookies, the sugary coffee drinks, or whatever figgy pudding abomination your mom snuck into the fridge. Here are the culprits behind your holiday fall from grace – and a few ways to fight them.
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