Daily List: 3 Reasons to have More Credit Cards
If you’re a responsible credit card user, meaning you pay off your balances in full and on time each month, having multiple cards can be a good strategy for a few different reasons.
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Coffee Personality
How do you take your coffee? Black, cream, sugar, latte no foam?  That question could reveal more than just your favorite morning beverage.  Melissa’s live at Insight Coffee Roasters in Sacramento with what your cup of joe says about your personality!

Insight Coffee Roasters
566 Pavilions Lane, Sacramento
(916) 905-7904
What coffee reveals about your personality

Lifesize Playhouses
A Butler design is no ordinary playhouse. Seeming sprung from the pages of Alice in Wonderland, they boast whimsical features such as turrets, rock-climbing towers, flying bridges and sliding trap doors.

Barbara Butler Designs

Twitter: https://twitter.com/barbarabutler
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BarbaraButlerTreehouses/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/barbarabutlerbuilds/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/barbarabutler_/
Tumblr: http://barbarabutlerartistbuilder.tumblr.com/

The Great Indoors
We’re live with actors Joel McHale and Stephen Fry who star in the new CBS comedy “The Great Indoors”, that premieres tonight at 7:30pm on CBS13!

Premieres Tonight
On CBS13

Archery for a Good Cause
The target for this program is to raise money for the “field of dreams” organization. We will be there as shooters prepare for the upcoming competition. The organization is a group of outdoor enthusiasts that provide in-the-field adventures for veterans and special needs children.

West Coast Archery Shop
420 Gateway Plz.
(707) 676-5288

The Successful Pitch
How to Ask for What You Want – and Get It! Author and funding strategist John Livesawy will be here to help us build our confidence with The Succesful Pitch (which is the name of his new book)!

Amanda Grey “Pick Freedom” Concert
Local musician Amanda Gray is playing in the studio for us this morning to help promote her upcoming charity concert on Nov. 5th from 7-10pm at the new SacTown Sports Bar downtown (this concert is one of their soft openings!). Money raised from this event will benefit Blue Heart International to put a stop to human trafficking.

Saturday, Nov. 5
SacTown Sports Bar
106 J Street, Sacramento
(916) 663-7743


It’s National Sandwich Day!  So the folks from Roxie Deli (the best damn sandwich place in all the land) is making a special “CodyWich” to celebrate the day!!  We shall find out what’s on it and let Cody be the first to sample!

Roxie Deli
2 Sacramento Locations!!
3340 C Street @ 34th
1800 15th St, Suite E

New Roof For Military Family
A Rancho Cordova military family gets a new roof just in time for more wet weather!!  We’ll meet the deserving military mom of three and watch as the Cal-Vintage Roofing team gets to work!!  The entire Rancho Cordova community has gotten behind the act of kindness and will be out today in full force to show their support!

Picture This
Turn your kiddo’s artwork into fashion! Turn that drawing into a dress! We found a company that does the work for you!

BBQ Truck
Fahrenheit 250 BBQ has a new vintage food truck (it’s a 1962 Chevy Step Van that originated as a milk truck). Pitmaster Jacob Carriker and owner Gino Sardo will be here to show off their menu!

A local apparel company inspires to motivate you through their workout wear. Whether you lift, stay active or just living the grind they want you to feel like a million bucks! Melissa’s live with the CEO of Brosthetix in Rocklin who’s revealing since being on Good Day a year ago they’ve tripled in size, doubled their line and now have retail in Total Nutrition Stores. The best part- they’re paying it forward giving a portion of sales to Shriner’s Children’s Hospital!

Available at all Total Nutrition Stores
Website: shop.brosthetix.com
Instagram: @brosthetix

Manly Minute: 5 Ways To Ruin Your Clothes
Ken shares some things you should avoid in order to keep your clothes looking like new.
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