Kings’ Roster
The Kings spent the bulk of the off-season overhauling the roster with new faces, better talent, and more character.  One player in particular is already being called a leader in the locker room.

Supersized Walnut Cracker
We’re nuts for…nuts!  When we caught wind of a local farm firing up a monstrous multi-million dollar nutcracker, we decided to get produce man Michael Marks on the case!  Today, he shows off this thing of beauty in action.  It’s being tasked with a big job this week: cracking the new crop of walnuts for local Costco stores.

Disneyland Deals Bonanza
We’ve been offering up advice and deals from travel expert Gabe Saglie for years. Today he let us pick the topic! So, what do our viewers care about when it comes to travel? Disneyland! Whether you’re a kid or a kid-at-heart, the happiest place seems like a dream to many Disney fans! Make that dream a reality without busting your budget! We’ll show you how to get there, stay there and maximize your minutes inside the park!

Must-Have Smartphone Accessories
You can’t leave the house these days without your smartphone, but there can be some frustrations: limited space, insufficient battery life, and fragile screens. Our resident Nerd, Ryan Eldridge, Co-Founder of Nerds on Call, is here with some accessories that he says are essential for optimum smartphone enjoyment. And Cyber safety these days is about more than ensuring your child doesn’t stumble upon an inappropriate site or stay online too long. Ryan is talking about when teens use the internet to commit crimes, and what parents should do to prevent it.

Nerds on Call
4315 Marconi Ave.

Pet Adoptions
Sacramento SPCA
6201 Florin Perkins Road

Direworld Scarepark
Open to Public Tomorrow (Sept. 30)-Halloween
800 All America City Blvd., Roseville
Parking: $5
Admission: $29 to $59

Giada Valenti
One talented woman is bringing the sweet sounds and even sweeter food of Italy to the states!  Following her stunning and highly anticipated PBS special, Italian singer Giada Valenti is holding a concert on Thursday, October 6 at 7:30 p.m. at the Crest Theatre.  Today we’ll get a little sample, plus we’ve heard she loves to cook so she’ll whip up a tiramisu in the good day kitchen and share her secrets!

Giada Valenti – From Venice With Love
Thursday, October 6
The Crest Theatre
1013 K St., Sacramento

Cornel West
Students at the JMF are welcoming a very special guest today: Cornel West. West grew up in Sacramento!

Buck For Kids Coffee
Celebrate National Coffee Day while helping kids at the same time! Dutch Bros is doing it’s annual giveback “Buck for Kids” day today! So how does it work? $1 from the sale of every coffee goes to local children’s charities!! Melissa’s live at Dutch Bros in Roseville working the line this morning and revealing the top drive thru drink!

Dutch Bros
1225 Baseline Road, Roseville
(916) 633-4766

Manly Minute: 5 Things About The “Prenup”
This article discusses a common issue among young men: marriage. More specifically, the aim of this article is to provide a clear understanding of prenuptial agreements. It is important to emphasize what this article will address and what areas may not be covered. This article will discuss the basic definition of a prenuptial agreement, what a prenuptial agreement can and cannot do for the parties, and common situations in which young men may benefit from a prenuptial agreement. A few notable issues that this article will not address include requirements for a valid prenuptial agreement; how to invalidate or fight enforcement of a prenuptial agreement; and conflicts between a prenuptial agreement and a will. These are important issues, but such issues are outside the scope of this article.

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Easy Ways to Engage Young Girls with Building Toys
Playing with building toys like blocks, Legos, and K’Nex can encourage a basic understanding of engineering concepts and free-form play creativity. Yet these activities are often seen as a “boy” thing, and girls can be reluctant to engage. Jessica Tindel, owner of Dream Enrichment after school enrichment classes, is here with some easy ways to get your girls playing with building toys.

Dream Enrichment


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