Daily List: 3 Ways to Make That Fall Pumpkin Last a Long Time
It’s fall, and the pumpkins are out there! Your kids are probably dying to carve one, or maybe you just want a few for decor… but with some preparation, you can keep those going all the way to Thanksgiving! On the Daily List this morning, three ways to make that fall pumpkin last a long time!

My Science Project

Pumpkin Fresh Spray

Axiom Youth Center
A youth center in downtown Lincoln needs your help.  They are holding a benefit dinner next week.  We are finding out what they do for kids in the area and meeting some of them who utilize the youth center.

Axiom Lincoln Benefit dinner
Beermann’s Brewery
Thursday October 6th at 6PM

Puppets For A Cause
Some amazing ladies at the Assistance league of Stockton are using puppets to help teach 3rd grade children about acceptance of others who are “different” and  how to stay safe both at school and home.  The puppets, all different sing songs and teach the kids very important lessons! Heather Brent is meeting these puppets today and getting a preview of this wonderful puppet show.

The Car Czar
EEEK! It’s a spider.  Ok…it’s actually a SPYDER…and that’s a type of car that’s brand new from an automaker that continues to make some pretty daring moves in order to get noticed.  We will reveal who they are and why The Car Czar might also be afraid of this SPYDER as well as the more traditional ones.

The Car Czar Auto Repair
2301 El Camino Ave, Sacramento
7433 Greenback Ln., Citrus Heights

Redo For You & Your Budget
With summer behind us and fall entertaining right around the corner, now is a great time to think about upgrading your kitchen with the latest trends. According to the 2015 Remodeling Impact Report, homeowners’ desire to be – and entertain – at home can increase by more than 82 percent after kitchen renovations.


‘So You Think’ Winner
So you think you can dance has crowned their 2016 winner and it’s a young man good day has been following for more than 5 years! Lil Kida burns will hang out with us for the hour as we celebrate yet another hometown celebrity.

Lil Kida Burns
IG: @kidathegreat
Twitter: @lilkida8

New Body Sculpting
Four weeks ago we sat in on a body sculpting procedure where a woman got her arm waggles taken care of…Today we see the end results and find out if it really worked.

Elite Body Sculpture




Taylor House
The Taylor House is a home that was renovated to be a place for former foster youth to live as they transition into the real world.   They offer affordable rents for foster girls between the ages of 18-21.  They are having a benefit event next week and they need people to go to this to keep the house up and running.  The director renovated it and we will show you what’s she done to the home and hear more about the big event next Thursday.

Harvest Gala
Benefitting The Taylor House
October 6th
Timbercreek Ballroom

Learning Center
From taekwondo to steel drums, the Salvation Army Learning Center is offering various classes.
For more information: (916) 367-2944

Mini Maker Faire
Sierra College is teaming up hacker lab to offer 3D printing classes. Get a up close and personal look at these 3D printers at the mini Maker Faire!

Sierra College DES Dept.
3D Printing Your Future
5000 Rocklin Road

Navy Band & Constitution Sailers
It’s navy week in Sacramento! Yesterday we had the navy bomb squad, today we have the navy band and constitution sailors.o!

Navy Band “The Destroyers” FREE Concert
Sacramento Memorial Auditorium
1515 J St. Sacramento

Navy Week Sacramento
Today-Sunday Oct. 2
Events All Week Including California Capital Air Show
Check Online for Info.

Navy Band
Twitter: @NavyBand_SW

How cool is this?! October is national farm to school month and what better way to celebrate it than with local High-school students at Sierra High School who not only maintain five acres of crops but they pick the food and then participate in the Be.Fresh (boundless education.farming responsibly and encouraging student harvest) program where they also help in preparing the food for school lunches. We’re hanging out with the kids at Sierra High and finding out more about their Be Fresh Program.

Sierra High School
2271 W. Louise Ave.,
Manteca, CA 95337

Farm-to-Fork Fall Fundraiser
A farm-to-fork fun two-fer! One delicious event raising money for two amazing organizations! We’re hooking up with one of the featured chefs at the first-ever farm-to-fork fall fundraiser!! Sacramento’s top hotels are teaming up to raise money for Skatemd and the sheriff’s toy project. Did you know the Doubletree has a herb garden where they grow their favorite meal enhancers!! First we’ll pluck some herbs, then we’ll use them in a tasty dish!

Thursday Sept. 29
Hyatt Regency
1209 L St, Sacramento
Tickets $35
(916) 441-6110

Check This Out!
We’re showcasing some fun products and an app for parents to check out! Some fun innovations to make life a little easier now that school is back in session!




Manly Minute: Talking Politics Like A Gentleman
These days, rousing, yet respectful, political debate is practically non-existent. The new media, far from presenting balanced, in-depth coverage of the important, meaty issues of the day, spend their time constantly regurgitating manufactured scandals and fanning the flames of personality contests. Debates between men in person, and especially on the internet, quickly devolve into indignant shouting matches, where personal insults are substituted for rational arguments.Unlike men from the past, today’s men are unapologetic about their undisciplined, discourteous political rants. Men need to learn how to bring back vigorous, yet civil political discourse. Here are a few suggestions on how we can.
Learn more | Past segments



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