Daily List: 3 Outdoor Date Ideas to Squeeze in This Summer
Summer is winding down, but the weather is still good enough to make outdoor plans! On the Daily List this morning, see three outdoor dates you can still squeeze in this summer!

11 Creative Outdoor Date Ideas to Use This Summer

Outdoor Movie Night

The Price is Right Contest
The Price is Right is looking for contestants. Join us on October 6th from 9:30am to -2:30pm at Jackson Rancheria.  Two viewers from this search will fly to LA and one of them will get the chance to “Come On Down!” on the Price Is Right.

Oktoberfest Celebration
Oktoberfest is in full swing at the monk’s cellar in Roseville!  Before they get in full party mode next week, we’re sampling their authentic german delights!  Want to get in on the action?!  We’ve got all the tasty details.

September 23 & 24
The Monk’s Cellar
240 Vernon Street
(916) 786-MONK (6665)

Facebook- @monkscellar
Twitter- @themonkscellar
Instagram- themonkscellar

Karaoke With SRFC
the last home game of the regular season is Saturday!! SRFC take on rivals LA Galaxy 2! We’ll talk a little soccer but we’ll also have some fun! Cameron Iwasa and Wilson Kneeshaw have some fancy footwork, but just wait until you see their karaoke skills!

Sweet Spot Travel
September Sweet Spot: Why the 9th Month Means Travel Savings!! Already missing summer vacation? We’ll show you how to take advantage of killer travel deals before the month ends!!

Ahead of the Bump
Take Off

MMA Yoga Class
MMA yoga!!  Now you can get that moment of zen while you learn a little bit of martial arts!!  What does it look like and how can this innovative wellness workout benefit you?  We’re live at a new boxing gym that offers MMA yoga workshops.  Nutri-sport will open its doors tonight and will treat fit-minded folks to all sorts of creative classes!

Nutri-Sport GRAND Opening
642 E Bidwell St.
(916) 995-3915

Making Time For Family
Summer is all about spending time with the family!  But with school, sports, and extracurricular activities, it’s hard to stay connected.  We’ll show some easy, creative ways to bring everyone together again!

Your YouTube Mom link: bit.ly/15wMi8V
website: jonihilton.com
Twitter: @JoniHilton
Facebook: Joni Hilton

How To Repurpose Furniture
If you’re realizing it’s time to start saving money for the holiday season, but don’t have any extra cash to save, don’t worry! Kristi with Pieces of Time is teaching us how you can repurpose furniture and make a lot of money. She says anyone can do it and she’s so confident, she’s teaching us how to find the pieces, paint them, and market them to make some extra money. She started out doing it this way and now has her own business!
Learn more

Derby Girl Heads To China
A local girl is heading to China to take part in the World Games of Roller Derby!! She’s going to school in Seattle but is home visiting her folks. She made the National Team for USARS Roller Derby back in April and will be representing the USA along with 20 other women. She’ll show us her moves at the roller rink she grew up going to, and tell us about her personal mission to get to China!
Read more

Help Alyssa Get to the World Roller Derby Competition in China!

The Doctors
The hit CBS daytime talk show “The Doctors” is back!! Today we’re live with Dr. Travis stork & Dr. Andrew Ordon, co-anchors of the upcoming 9th season!

On CBS13

Salon 1938
It’s a one-stop shop for fashion-minded gals!  A new salon in Granite Bay offers everything from a cut and color to handmade jewelry!  Walk in the door and get a whole new look with all the trimmings!

Dishin’ With Tina: Tony Baloney’s
5059 College Oak Dr.

SPCA Thrift Store
SPCA is re-branding their thrift store as adoptable goods store, and to promote it, they’ve asked Court to participate in a fashion contest, which will include piecing together an outfit to benefit a lady in need.

Manly Minute: How To Order Wine On A Date
Do you know what you’re supposed to do when the server shows you the wine bottle at a restaurant? Or how to read a wine list? If you’re like most guys, you probably don’t, because no one ever teaches this stuff. Check out our easy guide for the how’s and why’s and it’ll be smooth sailing right to the goodnight kiss.  A recent study found that 9 out of 10 women break things off with a guy after the first date because he looked like a jackass while ordering wine. Okay, I made that up. But it certainly feels like that could be true. First impressions mean the world, and ordering a bottle of wine at dinner is often a guy’s opening salvo.
Read more | Past segments


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