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8243 Greenback Ln, Fair Oaks, CA

Daily List: 3 Health Tips for First-Time College Students
Going away to college can often be a major adjustment for students.. but while you’re making friends and learning to live on your own, don’t forget to take care of yourself! On the daily list this morning, 3 tips to make that first year a little easier on yourself!
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SWEAT Fitness
SWEAT is Stockton’s most unique fitness facility offering indoor cycling, group exercise, boot camps, and individualized personal training. Our equipment is unique, allowing us to design core-centric, balance-challenging, functional movement-based programs to enhance the activities of your daily life. Trust me when they say they guarantee you will SWEAR your way through their challenging yet fun classes! Wait until you see the equipment we’re trying out this morning! Kangoo jumps and rip sticks!

SWEAT Stockton
6355 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95207
Group and Personal Training!

The Price Is Right Contestant Search
The Price is Right is looking for contestants. Join us on October 6th from 9:30am to -2:30pm at Jackson Rancheria.  Two viewers from this search will fly to LA and one of them will get the chance to “Come On Down!” on the Price Is Right.

Veggie of the Year
Food Literacy Center’s fourth annual Veggie of the Year Competition began on September 6 when 10 vegetables, selected for the running based on seasonality and popularity, were posted online for the public to vote for their favorites. The votes are in and now the top five semi-finalists will be brought into the elementary classroom at Leataata Floyd Elementary, where a team of local restaurant chefs will present the veggies to 120 students to taste and vote.

Car Czar
Do you enough “scents” to be a good driver? You may be surprised to learn that what you’re smelling while you’re driving could make a big difference when it comes to being safe and even avoiding accidents! We speak with an expert. How’s your rear end? I mean, seriously? Do you take care of it? Do you even look at it? We will tell you why Doug is obsessed…(automotively, of course). And, Doug’s taking your questions live on Facebook.

The Car Czar Auto Repair
2301 El Camino Ave, Sacramento
7433 Greenback Ln., Citrus Heights

BTS Free Breakfast
Today between the hours of 6:30 – 9:30 am, all participating restaurants in Nor Cal will be offering a free Back to School
breakfast for kids in grades K-8.  During that time, all students in that grade range who come in with a parent or guardian will be able to receive a free Egg McMuffin, apple slices, and either apple juice or milk.

Free McDonalds BTS Breakfast
Until 9:30am
All Northern California McDonalds Locations
***Includes Egg McMuffin, apple slices, and either apple juice or milk.

Gabe Nelson
The former bass guitarist and vocalist for the multi-platinum rock band Cake is stopping by Good Day for a special live performance.  Gabe was born and raised right here in Sacramento where the legendary band was formed!!  He’s now the songwriter/vocalist of the band Bellygunner. He’s lending his music talent to an upcoming event to raise money for the assistance league of sierra foothills, which serves homeless and underprivileged children in El Dorado County.

Creative Mind Speakers Series Fundraiser
Thursday, September 29
Folsom Community Center
52 Natoma St, Folsom
Tickets for the event are $50 each with a 10% discount offered on the purchase of a table for 8.

NHA Becomes a Winemaker
Monday – Saturday : 9am-5pm

Lodi House
Lodi House thrift store just had its grand opening last week. They’re a thrift store that helps support “Lodi House” a home for women and children, that not only holds many great deals from vintage items. clothing and apparel but also amazing stories like the 8-year-old girl who instead of receiving gifts for her birthday party had people donate money so she could purchase a new cash register for the store or the 10-year-old boy, who, along with his dad, made shelving for the sports equipment and children’s shoes. A lot of love went into making this thrift store a reality and what it gives back to the community is beyond amazing.

801 S. Washington St., Lodi
(209) 334-6346

Manly Minute: 5 Tips for a Nasty Hangover
You know better than to buy anything labeled “hangover cure” for the mornings after a wild night, but there has to be something out there to ease the headache, nausea, and overall sense of feeling like crap, right? We went to the experts with your list of hangover remedies (thank you, Facebook fans) and asked them what really works. While the research on this topic is limited and there’s no one solution to fix all the symptoms of a hangover, a few things can help alleviate specific problems.

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Food Truck Muffin Challenge
One of the biggest food trends in recent years — the rising popularity of food trucks — is going from local street corner to national spotlight during a cross-country recipe competition featuring 50 food trucks, Smokers Wild BBQ, who will battle it out to create America’s best breakfast recipe. Can you help us spread the word and drum up the local vote?

Bespoke In Your Budget
Bespoke is an ‘it’ word in the fashion world where lovers of style and trend can customize something all their own. Navin’s wants to educate on what bespoke entails, but you know we like to break things down Good Day style so today we’re talking “Bespoke on YOUR budget” which lends to the idea that quality pieces can be attained even if you’re not of means to buy a full suit. Translation…what can mama & big daddy buy on an ATM budget; a gold card budget and a black no limit card budget??

Navin’s Custom Clothing
324 K St., Sacramento
(916) 448-5688


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