Daily List: 3 Tips to Keep from Packing on the Pounds on Vacation
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New Chick-Fil-A In Auburn
Lots of new things are happening with Chick-Fil-A!  We’ve tasted some of the new menu items and today we get to help officially open the doors of the new restaurant in Auburn.

Today Sept. 8
***Open 6:30am-10pm Monday-Sunday
2755 Grass Valley

NASA Android Sample Mission
Could asteroids contain the chemical precursors for life on Earth and in the solar system? Today at 4:05 pm PST, NASA will launch its first-ever mission to return samples from an asteroid for study here on Earth. NASA’s Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer – or OSIRIS-REx – spacecraft will travel to a near-Earth asteroid named Bennu.

Twitter @OSIRISREx

Hollywood Hotrods
Hotrods are taking center stage this Saturday as Cruisefest rolls through Sacramento!  From cars straight out of “American Graffiti to A-lister replica revvers, we’ll show you what’s in store for the big event!

CruiseFest on Fulton Avenue
Saturday, Sept. 10
Fulton Ave, from Marconi to Cottage

Oldest Grape Vine
Two brothers recently opened a winery in Lodi, but prior to living in Lodi and opening the winery, one of the brothers lived in Slovenia for 11 years — nine of which he spent in Maribor, which has the oldest grape vine in the world (about 450 years old). This year, he has been asked to come back as the guest of honor for Melbors Harvest Festival and gets the rare opportunity to cut grapes from the 450-year-old vine!

Drava Wines
1378 E. Turner Rd. ste D
Lodi 95240
Grape harvest website

Mackenzie Phillips
Actress and singer Mackenzie Phillips now has a new role: an addiction counselor.  She’ll join us today along with the founder of Breathe Life Healing Centers to share more about their partnership and why they’re in Sacramento.  We’ll also chat with Mackenzie about her journey from child star to addict to where she is today!

Farmer’s Guide To Astrology
The book is meant for people with little knowledge of astronomy or space exploration and will give them a basic understanding of the disciplines by examining their most interesting aspects and combining them with the human experience; such as explaining how a person can walk at 18,000 miles an hour or telling the story of a woman who after she was struck by an asteroid was determined to sell the space rock and become rich but instead lost everything because of her greed.

I’m Cute…Adopt Me!
Sacramento SPCA
6201 Florin Perkins Road

Vet Loses Leg, Saves Home
A local veteran is getting a helping hand this morning. The 74-year-old vet has been living in unlivable conditions (black mold, holes in walls etc..) Santiago recently lost his son and is soon to lose his legs due to diabetes from Agent Orange exposure in the war. The Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento is hooking him up as part of the Veteran Home Repairs Program. Home Depot is also donating $40,000 and dozens of volunteer’s time to jumpstart the project.

Instagram: @SacHabitat
Twitter: @SacHabitat

Gaming Lessons To Learn
Rasberry Pi? PlayDough circuits? It’s all part of a new gaming lesson at Merril West High in Tracy. Gaming, in Highschool?? Yes! But it’s set in a format that not only do the kids have fun they are learning! Today we are checking out the freshman class that is part of a small learning community called The Space and Engineering Academy.

Gaming into Stem
Merril West High
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Honey Tasting
Greenhaven Estates Assisted Living is hosting an educational honey event that’s free to the public later this afternoon. We’ll get to pair and sample in-studio.

Greenhaven Estates Assisted Living & Memory Care
7548 Greenhaven Dr. Sacramento
Today at 1pm

Manly Minute: Divorce-Proof Your Bedroom
If misery makes strange bedfellows, snoring bedfellows make for a whole lot of misery. Not only does a partner who keeps you up lead to a bad night’s sleep, but it may also affect your daytime relationship. According to a study from UC Berkeley, a disrupted night’s sleep worsens arguments between romantic partners. Follow these tips to smooth things over between the sheets and to make you even closer when you’re actually conscious.
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