Daily List: Happy National Dog Day! America’s Top Dog Names
It’s National Dog Day! There’s been an interesting trend in naming our four-legged friends — both canine and feline — giving them common human names like Larry, or Sue, or Frank. Well, those aren’t even cracking the top ten. On the Daily List this morning, the top dog names in America for 2016, from NextDoor.com!

Sactown Dash
We love games! This weekend we’ll participate in a Scavenger race around Sacramento…all for a great cause!
Tickets and Info: http://m.bpt.me/event/2548636
Promo Code: Good Day Price

Pride Fest Preview
Stockton Pride continues to be one of Stockton’s most successful festivals! With attendance in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 exceeding expectations, and now it’s time for the 5th! Bigger every year! Heather Brent is hanging out with some of the Pride Festival Volunteers and coordinators this morning getting a preview of the music and festivities that will be there!

Weber Point Events Center
221 N Center St.
Saturday, August 27, 2016 @ 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

Sactown Dash
We love games! This weekend, participate in a Scavenger race around Sacramento…all for a great cause!


Football Helmet Technology
See what the city of Rancho Cordova is doing to make sure high school football is safer.


M&M Challenge
After nearly dying during the last M & M Challenge, Maloney has decided he is tired of the evil, twisted Melissa picking out the challenges. This morning’s challenge is a safe, friendly game of bowling. As of now, Mel leads the series 10-6.

Capitol Bowl
900 West Capitol Ave, West Sacramento

Art Alchemy
A local artist is teaching art in a unique way. She offers one-on-one and group classes called Art Alchemy, where she pushes her students to get out of their comfort zone and lead with their heart through abstract painting.

Kid Cereal Ice Cream
Are your kids sick of eating cereal and plain old milk? Step up your cereal game and try putting it in ice cream! A local viewer has crafted his own homemade specialty ice cream using some of the cereals you loved to eat as a kid (or an adult!!)! We can see how he makes the Capn’ Crunch cereal ice cream and then see if the anchors can guess the three other cereal flavors!! Jim Pryor also happens to be mike ball’s husband!!

Breakfast Cereal Ice Cream
2 cups heavy cream
1 1/2 cups whole milk
3/4 cup sugar
pinch salt
4 cups cereal

Tonka’s Day Off
Tonka is a long-time SPCA resident who’s still looking for a forever home. He is getting his own Ferris Bueller-like day off. The SPCA has an itinerary and everything, so we’ll follow him in the Good Day Rover as he enjoys some time away from the shelter.


Sac State Move-In Day
It’s move-in day at Sac State! Deuce Mason is meeting a local student battling M.S. whose wish has come true.

Are your students looking for a wild adventure without leaving the classroom?  The Sacramento Zoo might be your answer.
It currently is offering age-appropriate programs for preschool through 12th grade with The ZooMobile, its Zoo on wheels.
The program will bring a variety of live animals to your class and discuss topics ranging from how animals move to the plight of endangered species.

Brazilian Day
The Brazilians are keeping the party going with the annual Brazilian Independence Day Street Festival in Sacramento this weekend. We’ll get a preview with music and dancing!

Brazilian Day Sacramento Street Festival
20th Street Between J & K Streets
Festival Facebook page

Manly Minute: How To Be A Reliable Man
Self-reliance, is both an important building block in your life’s foundation, and, unfortunately, too often in short supply amongst young men. Being reliable. The word reliable has its origins in relier, Old French for “fasten” or “attach;” the reliable man was an immovable pillar of strength on which you could hang your hat, someone you could lean and depend on, a man you could trust. Compare that image with its opposite: the flake. Floating, drifting, fragile. Melting as soon as it meets any resistance. We’ve all known reliable men, and we’ve all known flakes. We admire the former, and avoid the latter. To become the kind of man you’ve grown up trusting and counting on, read on.
Read more | Past segments

  1. Dan Engebretsen says:

    I want to see a disc golf M&M Challenge.

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