Daily List: 3 Things to Ditch if You’re Downsizing
The desire to downsize is common as we age and simplify our lives – but where to start? If you’re in the mood to clear out the clutter, on the Daily List this morning, three things to ditch if you’re downsizing!
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Bourbon Babes
They are babes and they love Bourbon! Morgan Ragan is hanging out with the Bourbon Babes this morning to find out more about who these ladies are and what these experts suggest for all the bourbon lovers out there.

Instagram: @bourbonbabes
Hock Farm Instagram: @hockfarm

“My Last Days”
We’re live with actor Justin Baldoni who hosts an inspirational three-night docu-series “My Last Days”. It’s an uplifting series about courageous people facing one of life’s most difficult challenges: a terminal illness! “My Last Days” features the compelling stories of six real-life superheroes who remind us that having a limited amount of time doesn’t mean we can’t make a positive impact on the world.

3-night Docu-series Event
Premieres Tonight (Wed. August 17)
9pm on CW31

Last Chance Summer Getaways
With only a few weeks of summer left, we’ll show you how to save money on some last-minute summer trips!

Burgess Bros. HSN
We always knew the Burgess Brothers were destined for big things. The Home Shopping Network and Good Housekeeping has selected them as semi-finalists for the American Dream Initiative. They are traveling to HSN headquarters to pitch their BBQ sauce and cornbread mix. They’ll also get guidance about their on-air pitch, but why do they need that when they have us to judge? They’re going to give their pitch to us! If they win, they’ll be in Good Housekeeping in December and on the HSN.

Burgess Brothers BBQ & Burgers
2114 Sutterville Rd,
(916) 594-9847

Stewards of Spirits
We’re celebrating the local men and women behind the bar!  With some of the nation’s best award-winning bartenders calling Sacramento home, it’s time to toast these stewards of spirits. A new e-book puts these creative cocktail connoisseurs on center stage and pays tribute to the best of the best in the 916!  One of the featured bartenders featured will whip up one of his signature craft cocktails!!

Check This Out
Tina found these cool hair products with antioxidants!!

Fishbowl Contest
It’s Sacramento Cocktail Week and things are getting competitive.

Bar West

Free Back-To-School School Haircuts
Kids can go back to school  looking fly with free haircuts!! Career Academy of Cosmetology in Stockton thinks getting back to school can be expensive, so they want to make sure your little ones are looking good for the first day of School by offering FREE haircuts. It’s happening through Friday. Drop in or schedule an appointment. Heather Brent is there getting the details.

Free Back-To-School Haircuts!
SJCOE Career Academy of Cosmetology
3314 Delaware Ave
Stockton, Ca.
8:30am – 11:30 / 12:30 – 6:00!

National Thrift Store Day
We’re helping get you ready for the fall.

Dishin’ With Tina
Indian food on pizza!

Dhillon’s Pizza
706 West Onstott Frontage Rd.
Yuba City

Simply Thrift and Gift
Monday-Friday 10am-6pm
Saturday 10am-5pm
6719 Q Street, Sacramento

Ford Tequila Partnership
A car company partnering with a tequila company is a little bizarre, but it’s all about sustainability.  Ford and Jose Cuervo just announced that they are exploring the use of agave plants to develop a sustainable bioplastic material to incorporate in vehicles.  Agave plants as cup holders? Soy into car seat foam? Dandelions replacing rubber trees for tires? These are some of the ideas and today we are seeing how the food we eat may soon be in our car!

1215 19th St.
(916) 441-6022

Manly Minute: Gets Your Kids Into Fitness
We all know that being active is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but according to statistics, most Americans aren’t getting the recommended amount of daily physical activity they need for a healthy life. And the inactivity starts young. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey done in 2013, only 42% of kids aged 8-11 are moderately to vigorously active for 60 minutes a day, at least 5 days per week (the activity level recommended by the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans). That number drops to just 8% for those aged 12-15. Instead of moving and being active, children spend, on average, over seven hours a day sitting around watching TV or twiddling on other electronic devices. Time spent being sedentary only increases as children get older. And the result of all this sitting around? Research suggests that along with poor diets, our country’s diminishing youth activity level is partly responsible for increasing childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes rates, as well as students’ decreasing cognitive and academic performance.

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Art Therapy For Alzheimer’s
A local senior living facility is using art therapy to tap into their residents’ creative spirits!  Not only that, all the budding artists are battling Alzheimer’s Disease.  Before their inspirational works of art are auctioned off to raise money for the walk to end Alzheimer’s in October, we’re getting a sneak peek and meeting a couple of the artists!

Sun Oak Senior Living Art Auction
Saturday, August 27
7241 Canelo Hills Dr
Citrus Heights
(916) 722-2800


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