Daily List: 3 Foods That Double as a Pharmacy
Not everyone likes to take a pill. Many people turn to alternative medicine to heal. The Mayo Clinic reports that nearly 40% of adults use or have tried alternative ways to feel better — and for some, that means stocking the kitchen! On the Daily List this morning, we have three foods that double as a pharmacy.
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Sunset Test Gardens
Cornerstone Sonoma
Open 10 am – 5 pm Daily
Garden Hours 10 am – 4 pm

Piece of Time
People travel from all over to visit Pieces of Time.  Not only does the owner find great vintage pieces, she also created her own non-toxic furniture paint line.  It’s so good, she’s eight months pregnant and is still painting.  She also has a training series and a reality show in the works.

735 Texas St., Fairfield

Vacaville Team Breakfast
Elkhorn Saloon Country Bar & Grill
18398 Old River Rd., West Sacramento

Law Enforcement Family Photo Shoot
For law enforcement officers, sometimes a day on the job is a matter of life and death.  Now a local photographer is giving back the men and women who keep our communities safe by offering them and their families free photo sessions!  Following the Dallas shooting last month, Julia Croteau decided to use her talent and services for good!!  Today we get to follow one family’s journey from styling to smiles as they create their own forever memory!!

Julia Croteau Photography
1265 Sierra East Ct.

Tomato Fest
It’s Fairfield’s 25th Annual Tomato Festival happening this weekend! We are live at Truffle Berries where they are making desserts with tomatoes. What else can you expect from the festival this weekend? We are finding out.

August 20 & 21

Free School Haircuts
Kids can go back to school looking fly with free hair cuts!! Career Academy of Cosmetology in Stockton think getting back to school can be expensive so they want to make sure your little ones are looking good without breaking the bank for the first day of School by offering FREE haircuts. It’s happening all the way through Friday. Drop in or even schedule an appointment.

SJCOE Career Academy of Cosmetology
3314 Delaware Ave
8:30am – 11:30 / 12:30 – 6:00!

Back-to-School Thrift
Retrospect Vintage Fashion

Larry’s Produce
Larry’s Produce has been open for 30 years and started as a roadside produce stand.  Now it has grown to so much more and has turned into a busy hub for people to pick their own produce.  It opens at 9 am and we are there as they are opening!

4606 Suisun Valley Rd., Fairfield

Sac Zoo Ice Cream Safari
Saturday, August 20th is the Zoo’s annual Ice Cream Safari. It features all-you-can-eat Baskin-Robbins ice cream and Coca-Cola. It is the 32nd year of the Zoo fundraiser and draws a large crowd. We’ll be having our own ice cream-eating competition.

32nd Annual Ice Cream Safari
Saturday, Aug. 20, 4pm – 8pm
Sacramento Zoo
3930 West Land Park Drive

Manly Minute: Get Her To Ask You Out
We spend a lot of time around here discussing the best places to meet women, how to approach them and start conversations, what to say and do to close the deal, etc. But all that’s just icing on the cake once you nail the Holy Grail: getting women to chase you. Here are the top 10 ways to make it happen.

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