Daily List: 3 Movie Remakes That Are Better Than the Original
We love a good movie remake — and sometimes, they’re better! On the Daily List this morning, three movie remakes that are better than the original!
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Law Office of Ashton & Price
8243 Greenback Ln, Fair Oaks, CA


Deliciously Fit Helping moms get fit!
We’re hanging out with a “Deliciously fit” mom this morning who is going to show us some workouts you can do from your very own home! Got weights? Great! Don’t? No worries, she will modify it! Not only that, she is also going to teach us how to make a sweet healthy treat packed full of protein that even the kids will like as an after school snack!

Check out her blog for workouts and recipes!


The Car Czar Auto Repair
It’s the hottest new truck in the country and it doesn’t even have seats! What are we talking about? Just wait till we reveal that coolest thing ever from Nissan. And some are saying it’s the biggest auto safety issue since the fight to have seat belts made mandatory.  What to do if your car has an airbag recall that could kill you, but you’re being told the work still can’t be done.  It’s a situation that millions of Americans are facing and Doug has the needed info on what to do. 

2301 El Camino Ave, Sacramento
7433 Greenback Ln., Citrus Heights

Queen of Coloring Books
Who the heck came up with adult coloring?!  We found the woman who’s known around the world as “the queen of coloring!” Johanna Basford is the biggest name in the adult coloring world!!  With more than 16 million copies sold, her books are at the forefront of the huge trend!

Follow Johanna on Twitter: @JohannaBasford
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Puppies and Prisoners

Anna Gunn Stars In ‘Equity’

Ruthie Raindrops
A grade-school project lost then found is now inspiring local kids across the nation! We’ll meet the local teacher and author who turned her 8th-grade writing assignment into a successful children’s book!! Ruthie Raindrops’ incredible journey was published last year by Jenny Martin after sitting buried in a box for years in her parent’s garage! Once discovered, it was jenny’s (and her mother’s) mission to bring Ruthie to print!

Ruthie Raindrops Incredible Journey
Author Appearance & Reading
Saturday, August 13
Barnes & Noble
Creekside Town Center
1256 Galleria Blvd.


Chiropractors Headed To Rio
A pair of local Olympic-caliber chiropractors is headed to the games tasked with keeping the USA Wrestling Team in tip-top condition!! Before they board the plane to Rio, they’ll show us their specialty stretches and exercises they’ll use to support the athletes. This Rocklin husband and wife team has a long history of working with elite athletes in their quest for greatness!!

New Life Chiropractic
Open Weekdays
8am-11am & 3pm-6pm
6839 Five Star Blvd, Suite F

Elementary School Makeover
RedRover, a national nonprofit organization headquartered in Sacramento, California, was awarded an IKEA makeover from the IKEA store in West Sacramento that will transform classroom space at Golden Empire Elementary School that has fully adopted the RedRover Readers program designed to teach children empathy.



Ink for a Good Cause
Exotic Body tattoo and piercing just recently updated their location and today they are piercing someone while we are checking out the new digs.  The owner likes to give back to the community and often runs promotions for you to get a deal and help out a local non-profit.

The Exotic Body
807 30th St, Sacramento
(916) 447-6824

Stanislaus County New Adoption Program
Adopting a furry friend is getting a whole lot easier in Stanislaus County. Starting this month, you can reserve the dog you have always wanted on the spot, which means no waiting period!

Stanislaus Animal Services
3647 Cornucopia Way in Modesto
Monday through Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday 8am-5pm

Manly Minute: 5 Beach Tips For Big Guys
Remember six months ago when you were like: “I am so gonna hit the gym hardcore and get a six-pack by June.” Well, you instead spent that six months wrapped up in an endless k-hole of Mad Men, Game of Thrones, and Girls (it’s okay, we secretly watch that too). Besides, how could you stick to a strict diet of baby carrots, kale, and braised quinoa when you absolutely had to try the best hamburgers in town and food trends like gonzo ramen? Here’s how to dress for the beach if you’re big.
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