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Deuce and Morgan talk to Giants GM Bobby Evans about how long it takes for a trade to develop (00:45), how he communicates with teams (2:40), how difficult it was to give up Matt Duffy (5:21), the stress of getting a deal done before the deadline (9:55), why they landed Nunez (11:49), how they’re confident in Will Smith’s health (13:13), how he feels about the bullpen (13:50), what he sees in Matt Moore after Tommy John (14:50) and how close they were to landing Jay Bruce (16:41). Deuce and Morgan also talk about Crawford’s reaction to the trade (19:20), Klay’s comments about sacrifice (24:00), why LeBron is waking up extra early now (28:50), Jed York says excitement is in the air (32:40), Deuce is upset about people saying Tony Romo is fat (35:10) plus it was the return of Truth or Trash (40:00).


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