Daily List: How to Make That Run to the Big-Box Store Last a Long Time
You go to the big-box store for paper towels and cereal, and you leave with enough to stuff to outfit a small country. You’re not saving any money if the stuff you bought, goes unused. In this country, some estimates say up to 40 percent of food goes uneaten! On the Daily List this morning, if you’re swinging by Costco or Sam’s Club, three ways to make that run last a long time.
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Free Weekend Outdoors
Hiking, paddle boarding and rock climbing! Deuce Mason has the details on how you can learn some exciting outdoor activities for free!

Open Daily
1790 Expo Pkwy.
(916) 924-8900
Note – REI also has stores in Folsom and Roseville

Bad Mom’s Breakfast
“Bad Moms” the Movie is in theaters everywhere today,so in honor of it, we’re meeting up with some real-life “Bad” moms. The PTA mom, the teacher mom, the stay at home mom, the working mom, and all of their crazy mom antics! Think of it as a real-life bad moms confessions over breakfast.

Perko’s Cafe Grill
4300 E Waterloo Rd,
Stockton, CA 95215

NASA Tracks Wildfires
This year’s wildfire season is off to a blazing start. Firefighters in California are battling flames right now north of Los Angeles. Earlier this summer record-breaking temperatures set parts of Alaska and the Southwest on fire. More than 29,000 wildfires have burned over 2.6 million acres in the U.S. this year.
Twitter @NASAEarth

David Garibaldi
He is a local artist who’s has gained popularity around the globe! David Garibaldi recently moved his art studio to Sacramento and he’s taking us on a tour. He’s also performing at Concerts in the Park.

Concerts in the Park
David Garibaldi 6pm-7pm
Cesar Chavez Plaza
Join the conversation using #CIP2016 and #Cheers25Years

Art of Toys
Toys are works of art. Deuce mason is in Sacramento where one place was built to showcase toys and the artists who craft them.

Open Tuesday-Sunday
1126 18th Street

Harry Potter Book Release
We are just days away from the release of the latest book on one of the most recognized wizards around. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will officially go out to the public at midnight on the 31st, but Barnes and Noble in Roseville is going all out starting today.

July 29th-July31st
(916) 788-4320
Facebook: Barnes and Noble Roseville
Twitter: @bnroseville
Instagram: @bnroseville

Food Swap Presentation
Saturday 1pm
Belle Cooledge Library
5600 South Land Park Drive

Makerfest at the WOW Science Museum! If you or your children love to tinker, take things apart and put them back together then this event is for you! Heather Brent is getting a preview this morning of all the fun experiences you will get to have this Saturday. From making play-dough circuits that transmit electricity, to marshmallow shooters and so much more!

MakerFest @ WOW Museum
Saturday, July 30
World of Wonders Science Museum
2 N Sacramento St, Lodi

Concerts in the Park 
Art and music collide in tonight’s Concerts in the Park mega event!  One of Sacramento’s hottest bands takes the stage following an impromptu show featuring performance painter David Garibaldi!

David Garibaldi 6pm-7pm
The Brodys, The J Band and Trapacana Perform 7pm
Cesar Chavez Plaza
Join the conversation using #CIP2016 and #Cheers25Years


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