Daily List: 3 Kindergarten Lessons Grown-Ups Need to Remember
Adults don’t always know better — there’s wisdom in those kids of yours! A survey of kindergarten teachers and students is a good reminder that adults need to remember some of the most common “rules” of the classroom. That’s today’s Daily List!
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Bead Collection
A kooky collection meets craft corner! A local woman collects beads and then decorates wine glasses.

Mom and Pop Shop: Collecting Nectar
Nectar is a line of artisan jewelry and lifestyle brand handcrafted by Janell Lacayo. Since 2006, Lacayo has blended nature’s beauty with rare vintage pieces to create signature modern designs. Her new Oak Park boutique specializes in exclusive originals that feature natural stones, wire work, and upcycled materials.
3328 Broadway
Oak Park

Dance Day @SCM
We’re getting ready for a dance celebration at the Sacramento Children’s Museum! We’ll show off our dance moves!!

Flavors & Feel Of Hawaii
The cool breezes of the tropics sound just about right as we gear up for another scorcher in the valley!  A new hotspot in Lodi is giving customers the refreshing feel and the delicious flavors of the island!  We’re live at sunset sweets to sample their full menu of Gunther’s Ice Cream, homemade shaved ice and cold desserts (including a brownie sundae that’s all the rage)!

Sunset Sweets
Open Daily
2414 W Kettleman Ln #210

Red Bull Action Photographer Jeff Landi
A local photographer hooked up with one of red bull’s best for a recent contest celebrating the longest day of the year!!  What better way to burn those extra minutes of daylight than with a skateboard fest around the bay area!!

Tina Cole
Fundraising is on to shoot a pilot featuring Tina Cole (Katie, “My Three Sons”), called “Tina and Sons”! She’ll be here to tell us about it, along with the Sacramento-based writer, who also pens plays for the Sacramento Children’s Theatre.

Frozen Beer
A creative way to cool off in triple digits!!  We’re live at Ber Biergarten midtown to check out a specially-developed machine that dispenses a  topping of frozen beer!!

Der Biergarten
2332 K St
(916) 346-4572

Dishin’ With Tina
Carmichael Cafe
4314 Marconi Ave.

Kids’ Day at the Zoo
It’s a big day at the Sacramento Zoo today! There will be fun free events and Wells Fargo is also providing free admission to the little ones.
9:00 am – 4pm,
@SacramentoZoo and #SacZoo for all social media platforms.

Manly Minute: Upscale Before You Recycle
To many people, recycling conjures up the blue plastic bins and bottle drives. Part of the problem is that major companies like big bottlers of beer and soft drinks use recycling to shake off the responsibility of dealing with their manufactured packaging. But recycling is a design principle, a law of nature, a source of creativity, and a source of prosperity. For anyone looking to steer clear of corporate sponsored recycling and hoping to make recycling a more integral part of their lives, this guide is an overview of the basic legwork as well as some of the finer and more advanced concepts that have emerged in recent years.
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