The Daily List: Social Media Safety
It’s vacation season, the perfect time to get away — but just don’t tell anyone! At least, not on social media. Statistics on social media crime show that in 2014 almost 80 percent of burglars have admitted to using Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media to stalk prospective victims. Fifty-four percent of burglars said a posting status and whereabouts is the most common mistake a homeowner can make. So with that in mind, on the Daily List this morning — three things to think about before posting details while you’re away. Read more

Yoga Seed Beginner
Have you heard the buzz about yoga but don’t know where to start? The Yoga Seed’s Beginner’s Series can open the door for you! Morgan Ragan is showing us how easy it is to become a yogi today.

Beginners series times: 4 Wednesdays in a row starting July 6th from
7:30-8:45 in the evening
(916) 978-1367
1400 E street suite B Sacramento ca 95814
Facebook page

Hooked On Fishing
It’s a local program that takes kids out to enjoy nature and to learn how to fish. We’ll meet the local group with about 2 dozen kids as they teach the kids how to cast a line for the first time. They’re also asking for donations on their GoFundMe page.

GoFundMe Page | Fishing Page

Cappuccino Cruisers
The Cappuccino Cruisers promote the preservation of the classic car and its history for younger generations to see and enjoy. They’re also giving back to the community. Morgan Ragan is checking out some of the cruisers and their event that will be held in Folsom later today.

Cappuccino Cruisers
(916) 988-6376

Dishin’ With Tina: Tori’s Place
1525 Grand Avenue
On Facebook

Snooks Candy
Tired of the same ol’ ice-cold summer treats? Snooks Candies is mixing it up with a twist on caramel popcorn to help your sweet tooth this summer. Morgan Ragan is checking out the all-new habanero lime caramel corn.
On Instagram
On Facebook

Manly Minute: Family Traditions
Daily Connection Traditions are the small things you do every day to reinforce family identity and values. Without thought and intentionality, your family’s daily “traditions” can devolve into everyone surfing the internet on their own devices. So be sure to incorporate some rituals that bring you together face-to-face and allow you to re-connect each day.
Read more | Past segments


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