Community Theater of Linden: Twinderella
The community theater of linden brought together young actors for a summer theater workshop, this Friday they get to display their hard with the musical “Twinderella.”

Free Art Drop
It’s Free Art Friday!!! A local artist wants to spread the love of art to anyone who finds it!  There will be several pieces hidden through the streets of Sacramento and this morning Melissa’s live with clues on the first piece!

Free Art Friday
Hidden Sacramento locations

Musical Audition
We’re putting our dancing skills to the test this morning before auditions for the next musical to take the stage at a local theater!

Auditions are July 11, 12, 13, 18, 19
Talent must be prepared with a 2-minute monologue, a song that displays their singing talent (an accompanist will be provided, or bring your MP3 file). All talent will go through a dance audition so we can check out how well you move!

Get Happy Bay Area
It’s time to get happy with the Bay Area. Roqui visits a special meditation group that wants to show you the “art of living” this weekend with help from the world-famous “guru of joy.”

Meditation & Meet “The Guru of Joy”
9am – 6pm
Hilton Union Square

Free Form Factory
Free Form Factory builds crazy, high-performance jet skis right here in Rancho Cordova. We might get a test ride.

9777 Business Park Dr. Suite D
Rancho Cordova

Floating Campsite
We’re checking out a unique way to enjoy Lake Oroville!! This morning we are checking out a floating campsite! It’s one of the few places to do this in California.

Unexpected Grilling
Whole Foods wants to broaden your grilling horizons. Roqui is in the bay with a Whole Foods grilling expert to show us how we can step up our 4th of July and summer menus with unique and expected things to grill! 

Festive Fourth
With Independence Day coming up, it’s the perfect time to take stock of outdoor entertaining accessories and décor, to help the burgers and dogs look as good as they taste! We’ll help viewers dress up their 4th of July tables for the holiday get-togethers!

Rose Zahnn:
Ten Thousand Villages:
Fitz and Floyd:
Micro Cotton: Website
Santa Margherita:

Hooking Up Our Heroes
We are hanging out this morning with Lodi Fire Department and hooking them up with breakfast from a local caterer, Elle’s custom catering! Our way of saying thank you to just some of our everyday heroes!

Living Lately
A local health and fitness blogger has created a must try workout for the ladies! Barre Connect is connecting everything you need to look great this swimsuit season!  It’s only fitting we find Mel taking a class set up poolside at Life Time Athletic Fitness in Roseville!

Life Time Athletic Roseville
1435 E Roseville Pkwy, Roseville

Barre Connect
Instagram: @barreconnect

‘Go Girls’ Summer Camps
Performing in plays and producing, directing, editing, and starring in your own short films?! “You go, girl!” A camp in the Bay Area is all about building life skills through theater, visual arts, music, and media.

Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco, & Palo Alto
July 11-August 19

Discovery Shop Asian Event
2708 Marconi Ave

Miss Black Sacramento
Today we’ll meet the newly crowned royalty!

Bridal Black Friday
It’s the black Friday of the bridal industry! This morning we tell you all about the inaugural national birthday sale to help you save money on your big day!

SPARKLE bridal couture
solely dedicated to sizes 14-30
3200 Folsom Blvd. Ste. B
Sacramento, CA 95816
Ph: 916.538.6615

Manly Minute: Moving Back In With Your Parents
So suffice it to say the phenomena of young people moving back home is more complicated than “Young men today are lazy and unmotivated.” And as we mentioned in our series on the history of the bachelor, far from being the recent anomaly the media has made it out to be, living with your parents well into your 20s was the norm for young men for much of history. 

Read more | Watch past segments

Kids Unplugged
Keep your kids’ minds and body busy this summer. Pull out their headphones, step away from the computer, and set aside the phones and tablets. Just “unplug” — that’s what a Sacramento business owner is encouraging them to do in her classes.

(916) 943-8055
Instagram @kidsunpluggedinc


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