Daily List: 3 Tips to Maybe – MAYBE – Get Out of a Speeding Ticket
So, you got caught going a little too fast on the freeway and saw that officer just a little too late. You may be about to get a speeding ticket — or ARE you? On the Daily List, three tips that might help you get out of it! Read more

Get Fit & Give Back
Get your workout on and raise money for an amazing cause! We’ll show you how you can get fit and give back by participating in the Fight 4 Life Memorial Day Charity Competition!! We’ll preview the big event!!

Crossfit Centurion
11349 Folsom Blvd.
Rancho Cordova

The Car Czar Auto Repair
2301 El Camino Ave, Sacramento
7433 Greenback Ln., Citrus Heights

Animal Empathy App
RedRover just launched a fun new app to teach kids empathy to animals (and in turn to other people as well!). The app stemmed out of a successful Kickstarter campaign, and includes both a cool interactive comic book and a game feature.

The Adventures of Raja on iTunes or Google Play

Calling All Dreamers
The Calling All Dreamers Competition is down to the wire with just over a week left of public voting. Milk & Sugar is one of five vying for a major business startup package which includes a downtown storefront. Their concept? Fresh Rolled Ice Cream — A specialty ice cream shop that specializes in handmade rolled ice cream served with toppings such as fresh fruits and candies.


Ruthie Bolton ESPN Film
Olympic gold medalist and former Sacramento Monarch Ruthie Bolton is joining us to talk about her new film “Mighty Ruthie”

Perfectionists Anonymous
Calling all Recovering overachievers, Self-proclaimed perfectionists, and Approval addicts! get to the root of your perfectionism so you can embrace more freedom, energy, and peace.

Perfectionists Anonymous Workshop
May 26, 6:30pm
The Urban Hive
1931 H Street, Sacramento
More information

Leadership Coach & Lifestyle Strategist Leslie M. Bosserman

Farm to Fork For Real
What does it take to prepare a true farm-to-fork meal? Deuce Mason is at Park Winters to learn what it takes to harvest and cook with fresh ingredients.

Park Winters
27850 County Road 26

Opa! Opa!
Check out the eating contest that could rival Nathan’s hotdogs back east! Opa! Opa! is celebrating 10 years with it’s first every Gyro Eating contest. From live music to belly dancers, the event will have it all and you can still get in on the action.

5644 J Street
Tickets on sale now and day of event through the 8pm hour

Manly Minute: 5 Things About Nurses
If your picture of nursing and nurses was formed by watching medical dramas on TV, you probably wouldn’t recognize a real Registered Nurse. Actual nurses do not flirt with doctors, wear World War II-era nursing caps, or spend the bulk of their day fluffing pillows and providing refreshments. They’re highly skilled and rigorously educated professionals, and if you’re ever in the hospital, they’re the part of the medical team that will be most involved, on a daily basis, in getting you on the road to recovery. Read more | Watch more segments

Les Miserables
The French historical play Les Miserables is being performed by a cast of 12 to 19 year-olds in what they’re calling a school edition. We’ll get a peek of the production entering it’s last performance weekend.

24th Street Theater (Sierra 2)
2791 24th Street
Sacramento CA 95818
Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Times Vary


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