Sports Collectors’ Show
The first Sacramento Sports Collectors Show has come to Sacramento! Sacramento Sports Collectors Show will include special guest sports stars such as Major League Baseball’s All-Time Hits Leader Pete Rose. Also lined up as a special guest is San Francisco 49ers Legend Roger Craig, a four-time Pro Bowl selection, and three-time Super Bowl Champion.

Sacramento Sports Collectors Show
McClellan Conference Center
Today: 10am-5pm
Admission: $7

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Swim Clinic
Today the Gators Elk Grove Aquatics Club is hosting a breakout swim clinic hosted by a special guest!
None other than Olympic Gold Medalist, Jason Lezak!!! Lezak holds the record for the fastest 100m freestyle relay split in history!

Elk Grove Aquatics Club
(916) 794-1530

Dixon Fairgrounds
Today: 10am-Midnight
Sunday: 9am-5pm

Ethan’s Lemonade Stand
Today one local boy is hosting a Lemonade Stand for a great cause! Ethan Guevara is hosting his lemonade stand through the Alex’s Lemonade Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research. Ethan is hosting it in honor of his friend Rajin from preschool who is currently fighting cancer.

Lemonade Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research
The Academy of 21st Century Learning
Today: 1pm-3pm

24-Hour Golf Marathon
Some local students are finishing up the leg of their 24-hour golf marathon fundraiser today!!! Sean Woods and Andrew Guillen, both 16-year-old boys who attend Folsom High School, are participating in the Leukemia Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Student of the Year fundraising campaign!

LLS Team Relentless

Quilt Show
Lutheran Church of the Resurrection
6365 Douglas Blvd.
Granite Bay
Today: 10am-4pm
Admission $7

Wildlife Care Center Volunteers
Wildlife Care Association

Stigma Free 2016
Sacramento County’s “Mental Illness: It’s not always what you think” project will host Stigma Free 2016, a celebration of all ages in recognition of Mental Health Month, on Saturday, May 14, 2016, at the Clunie Community Center.

Today 10am – 1pm
Clunie Community Center at McKinley Park

Moonraker Brewing Company
This morning Roqui is checking Auburn’s newest craft brewery! Moonraker Brewing specializes in fun modern beers like super juicy hop forward IPAs, rich aromatic stouts, refreshing blondes, wheat ales and lagers for summer and lots of fun seasonal beers coming up this Fall.

12970 Earhart Ave #100
(530) 745-6816

Michael Marks
Today our friendly neighborhood Produce Man Michael Marks is in the studio talking about all things produce! Today he’s talking about Strawberries and making Strawberry Butter

Stamp Out Hunger 
The Placer Food Bank is attempting to Stamp Out Hunger! The NALC National Food Drive is a National event where the U.S. Post Office collects food for local food banks.

Placer Food Bank

Bonnie From Triad
Today our favorite Triad Plus employee Bonnie our crafty maven is back for her monthly visit. Today she’s fixing outdoor umbrellas!

Triad Plus
8801 Washington Blvd
(916) 788-4350

Strongman Competition
Ironclad Strength and Conditioning is a one-of-a-kind gym located in Roseville! Today they are hosting an amateur strongman/strongwomen competition as well as a bench press for reps competition!

Ironclad Strength and Conditioning
211 Kenroy lane #2
(916) 412-3396

Rancho Cordova International Festival
This evening you can take a trip around the world for FREE at the Rancho Cordova International Festival! Rancho Cordova’s annual iFest International is a festival celebrating the ethnic diversity of the community and offering an opportunity for groups to showcase their cultural heritage.

Village Green Park
Rancho Cordova
Tonight 5pm-9pm
FREE admission

90’S Hair Comeback
The 90’s are making a big comeback on the Runway! So how do you go from the runway to the street? We’ve got a glam-tourage in studio revealing all the tricks of the trade! From makeup to hair we have you covered so you are a fashion DO this season!

Lulu’s Luxe
524 Main St, Woodland
(530) 662-4749

Parenting Coach & Author
Are you parents of a teenager or teenagers? Are you dreading that time when your little ones will soon reach those hormonal teenage years? There is now an expert who says you can learn a thing or two from your teen!!! But what can you learn? From the latest trends to the tried-and-true, Parenting Expert Erika Katz is joining us in studio to share the top things parents can learn from their teen(s)!!

Erika Katz
(646) 486-4600

Sac Capitals Men’s Rugby Club
This morning the Sacramento Rugby Football Club is joining us in the studio to tell us about a huge title they just took home! Established in 1964, Sacramento Capitals is the oldest rugby club in the greater Sac Metro Area.

GoFundMe fundraising for national playoffs

Music and Memory
Today we learn how significant music is in our lives and how music is helping the lives of the elderly. A program called Music & Memory helps provide personalized music to a community struggling with Alzheimer’s, dementia and other cognitive and physical challenges to reconnect with the world through music-triggered memories.

Please go to the link to view a short video, and consider a donation of any amount.

Parker Whitney Kids’ Choir
Rocklin’s very own Parker Whitney Elementary School is celebrating their 50th anniversary and their Children’s Choir (which is a huge deal to the school) is ready to help the school celebrate this HUGE milestone! 

Rocklin Unified School District
2615 Sierra Meadows Drive
(916) 624-2428

Countdown to Caturday
Watch today’s featured video

(415) 750-3600

Walk Don’t Run Deal of the Day

Aveeno Deal
.30 after gift card, Catalina
90% Savings!!


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