The Daily List: 3 Hostess Products That Got the Boot
It’s Hostess Cupcake Day! The Hostess Cupcake has been around for almost 100 years — since 1919! You could get two for a nickel back then, but not all Hostess products have stood the “tastes” of time. On the Daily List this morning, see three that have vanished from store shelves!
See the list | Banana flips recipe

Manly Minute: How To Enjoy A Baseball Game
In America, “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” is probably one of the most-sung songs in the summertime. Why? Because America’s favorite summer sport is baseball. In fact, baseball is such an American institution that one company coined the tagline, Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet. OK, maybe not everyone drives a Chevy, but most boys and girls learn to play the sport in school and adults pay good money to watch professionals do it very well.  Read more

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River Cats

Brewhouse Supply Store
Brewhouse Supply Store  recently opened in Auburn. There you can learn how to make your own beer, Peach Mango Cider or Kiwi Pear wine.  So what goes into this and why are so many supply stores opening up?  And why Auburn?  We are finding out today.

1478 Grass Valley Hwy.
916 402-4227

Senior Rally Day
Thousands of older adults will converge on the State Capitol tomorrow to demonstrate their independence and influence. “Senior Rally Day” celebrates Older Americans Month.

10 AM – 3 PM

NorCal AIDS Cycle
(916) 572-1113

Mustang Taming
Facebook page

Dogs Drink Coffee
They’re local brews inspired by dogs!! See how your next cup of joe can benefit animal rescues and foster programs!

Pachamama Coffee Cooperative
919 20th St, Sacramento, CA 95811
(530) 204-7554
Promo code for 15% off; GoodDay
Instagram: @dogs_drink_coffee

Kevin Bacon!!!
We’re live this morning with the one and only Kevin Bacon! He stars in the new thriller “The Darkness” out nationwide this Friday.

Summer-Ready Kitchen
We get our bodies ready for summer, but what about our kitchens?  From Bandaids to bug spray, sunscreen to on-the-go snacks, summer is all about soaking in the sun!  Today we’ll show you how to organize your entire kitchen to make it easier for the whole family to load up and get outside!!

Your YouTube Mom link:
Twitter: @JoniHilton
Facebook: Joni Hilton

Build for Unity Groundbreaking   

Lola The Therapy Dog
Lola the Therapy Dog is a little terrier who defeated all odds and became a therapy dog for children and seniors. Lola is the star of a book series written by her owner and author Marcia Goldman and her latest book will be coming out in June.


Tattoo-Free In Less Time!
We’ve all made bad decisions but some last a lifetime, or do they?!!  For those of us who may be regretting a tattoo but don’t have the time to undergo the lengthy and painful removal procedure, have a solution.

La Bella Vita Medi Spa
6801 Five Star Blvd.
(916) 624-4959
***Want a Free Tatoo Removal?***
Share Your Story & Apply:
Instagram: @labellavitamedispa

Dishin’ With Tina: Joe’s Burger Shop
3332 Mather Field Rd.
Rancho Cordova

School Yard Rap
A local teacher created “School Yard Rap” as a tool to teach children history or any other subject using music. We’ll tag along with Mr. Brown as he conducts a workshop at a local school.



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