Court’s Court
We’re looking for those hard cases that Judge Judy and The Hot Bench judges don’t have time for. So if your wife keeps leaving the lid off the toothpaste or your best friend swears that purple sweater looks better on her than it does on you —- you need to appear in Court’s Court — Friday, May 20 LIVE on Good Day. Please send your name, age, address, phone number, email address and a brief description of the pet peeve/issue to and put ‘Court’s Court’ in the subject line.

Daily List: 3 Bathing Suit Blunders We All Make
It’s that time of year — bathing suits are in the stores! Time to start looking! On the Daily List, three mistakes you might be making when you start shopping for a swimsuit! Read more.

Brick City Gym
Looking for a great workout that is sure to burn those calories and give you the muscle definition that you have always wanted? Look no further! We’re checking out a brand-new gym in Stockton that is infusing MMA fighting techniques into their workout to blast those calories! This morning we will learn all about the benefits of incorporating an MMA style workout compared to a regular cardio workout. Plus it’s great for all ages! 

1120 Waterloo Rd
Stockton, Ca 95205

Good Day Mobile Boutique
Coffee grounds erase puffy eyes?  Cornstarch to bake your face? Onions help grow eyebrows? WHAT?! It’s the craziest food related tricks beauty bloggers swear by! Melissa’s rolling the Good Day Mobile Boutique Salon and Spa to McKinley Park to test it out!!

Us Magazine Article

High School Gentleman’s Club
Sheldon High Gentlemen’s Club is having a fundraiser sponsored by SterlingScott ties and  Talk show host, radio host, comedian, and designer Scott Conner offered to make a special line of ties for the club and sell them at a discount while giving part of the profit back to school.  They are using the money to fund their Sober Grad Night and much-needed supplies for the Choir.

Boudoir shoots are no longer just for the ladies…Dude-oir is the latest thing to hit the photography scene. And today, the “Guys of Good Day” are showing you how you can channel your inner sexy for the loved ones in your life or, in this case, just for fun.

Pink Butterfly Boudoir

Decades Costume
1814 Del Paso Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95815
(916) 920-0932

Party Concierge
601 North 10th Street, Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 440-8080

Camouflage Creations
Want your kids to eat their veggies?  Try camouflaging them!!  What kid doesn’t like pancakes and peanut butter cookies, french fries and…Jell-o fish?!  Make food fun for your little ones and sneak some nutrition in while they’re not looking!  Today we’ll show you some delicious treats to trick your kids into healthy eating!!

Zucchini pancakes
Healthy veg chips with broccoli dip
Leprechaun green smoothie (veggies)
Pumpkin choc chip cookies
Peanut butter protein cookies
Baked sweet potato fries
Tomato(red) and cucumber (green) Jell-o fish

Check this Out
Move over Kale! Brussel Bytes are Here! Brussel Bytes by Wonderfully Raw are crazy good. In fact, they might just be the tastiest vegetable you ever had. Organic Brussel Sprouts, Organic Coconut and Organic Pumpkin Seeds tossed in a tasty coating of goodness. These nutrient packed bytes of goodness are taking healthy snacks to the next level. Raw, Gluten Free and Vegan! What is even more satisfying is that they taste wonderfully delicious.

Brussel Bytes

Autism Prom Night 2016
905 Dryer Street
West Sacramento
Friday, May 20
Etsy Store

8th Grade Gaming Math Club
One Local teacher is teaching concepts like the Pythagorean theorem and how to calculate a slope by having her students code video games. Wait, what!? It’s true, 8th graders are getting a unique perspective on learning common core/math strategies! They are being taught by learning how to create and write out code to program video games. We’re getting a sneak peak this morning on how exactly this works.

Mountainview Middle School
10001 Crows Landing Rd,
Crows Landing, Ca 95313
Students Game Launch Party Thursday, May 19th!

Champion Sumo Wrestler
A local champion sumo wrestler shows off skills and needs your help so she can compete in Mongolia. Deuce Mason is at William Land Park to learn more about the sumo life!

Go Fund Me:


Walk of Stars Nominees
Forget Hollywood, soon Sacramento will have its own walk of stars! So who will be the inaugural group to make the cut?!  The public has been making nominations and today the first four “star” recipients will be announced!!

Manly Minute: Using the Bathroom Like a Man
While it may seem that the laws of etiquette only apply to dinner parties and theater outings, a certain decorum should prevail even in a public restroom. Today we illuminate the unspoken (and too often unfollowed) code of conduct for using the bathroom like a gentleman. Read more

Scandia Sign Goes Up
Scandia’s celebrating 40 years in business! Melissa’s going to ride the Screamer 40 times in a row to celebrate THIS FRIDAY so before the big ride we’re changing the letters on the big rooftop sign! We’re there as they go up to showcase Good Day’s role in the big bash!

Effie Yeaw Nature Center
Third graders in Rancho Cordova will take a journey to the 1830s when the Maidu Indians lived. Fifty students from Rancho Cordova Elementary will do so during a tour of the Effie Yeaw Nature Center.




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