Turning Old Lumber Into Furniture, Sushi, and Rooftop Bee Sanctuaries – 4/29/16

April 29, 2016 is International Dance Day! 
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Capitol Floats
Capitol Floats recently opened up in Oak Park and people are loving the experience.  Why would you want to float on salt water for an hour?  We are with the owner to find out what the experience is like and a member of Team Alpha Male who uses the floats on a regular basis.

3513 Broadway

Timber and Main
A local husband-wife team are on a mission to give old lumber a new life as handcrafted furniture and décor! We’ll meet them!


Ninja Sushi
Ninja Sushi has a new location and this morning they are teaching kids how to roll sushi and make the Good Day roll that is still on the menu!

238 Vernon Street in Roseville

The Lab Cycle
Donate your body to science or in this case, The LAB. The LAB is *the training grounds to achieve your desired fitness goals.  The LAB offers the indoor cycle training as well as off-the-bike fitness training solutions in a controlled environment.  Imagine, each athlete will be riding and racing on a real bike, connected to a state-of-the-art cycling trainer that has computer controlled power resistance, all while viewing roads and routes on larger-than-life screens.  And that’s not where it ends.

Reserved class sessions start at 6am – 7:30pm
Open training times throughout the day
916- 293-9437

Instagram – Strongerbylab – https://www.instagram.com/strongerbylab/?hl=en
Twitter – strongerbylab – https://twitter.com/strongerbylab

It’s Not Her Fault!
At any given time, about 2,500 active duty US Navy SEALS operate with the #1 principle to NEVER QUIT, because nothing is impossible. Darek Laviolette, author of A SEAL to Heal Your Marriage, says “If your marriage is broken, it’s HIS FAULT!” The book is for the wife who is about to leave (or already left) her husband and for the husband whose wife has left or is threatening to leave him. Tina is with Darek to find out more!

1) “Archie Bunker”
2) “Schindler’s List”
3) “The Incredible Hulk”

SEAL to Save Your Marriage:
Endorse her feelings
Learn her Hot Buttons


Students Building Drones
Local 7th and 8th graders get out of the classroom to fly drones!!  But wait, it gets even cooler — the kids built the drones themselves!!  Today these students from the core @ the Camptonville academy in Marysville are testing their aviation creations before taking them down to SoCal for a little competition!!  The Marysville middle school teams will take on high schools from all over the country!!  They’re playing with the big boys!!


Hotel Rooftop Bee Sanctuary
Roqui is playing urban bee keeper this morning as she goes on a quest to find roof top bee sanctuaries around San Francisco. Urban bee keeping is a growing trend, and a group of San Francisco hotels have followed suit to help make their city and property more sustainable.

Bob’s Steak & Chop House
500 California St.
Breakfast and Lunch service daily
(415) 677-9494

Herbert C. Green Middle School Anniversary
Herbert C. Green is celebrating 60 years of serving students in the Diamond Springs and Placerville area. To celebrate this achievement, Herbert Green Middle School is inviting all former students and staff to attend their Diamond Jubilee today. From speeches to swing dancing to plenty of photo ops in special color-coordinated t-shirts, there will be plenty to do to recognize and pay tribute to 60 years of educational excellence. 

Trek for a Track Fundraiser
Tomorrow April 30
Check-In 8:30am
Herbert Green Middle School
3781 Forni Rd.

Insect Release
A local preschool is teaching children about good insects and insects by releasing lady bugs, praying mantises, and (hopefully if they are hatched), lady bugs.

Geology Field Trip
The Geology Club at Sac State hosts field trips for elementary school kids where they get to analyze things like dinosaur dung and learn about the world as it was millions of years ago. Today they university is hosting 140 6th graders from Helen Carr Castello Elementary.


Alexis Del Chiaro

What the Fertility?! Alexis Del Chiaro’s Personal Journey with Infertility

CDC Infertility Statistics

X Games Athletes
Five X Game competitors are touring the country to spread the message of “no place for hate.” They set up a mobile half pipe and perform for the students while giving them a powerful message. Today they are at Elk Grove High School.


Manly Minute: Surviving a Break-Up
Breaking up really is hard to do. Few life events can cause as much upheaval and pain as ending a relationship with someone you cared about. Whether you’re the breaker or the breakee, odds are you will feel a range of emotions for weeks or even months after a break-up. Read more

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