Habits Making You Sick, Pinwheels For Peace, and Hot Italian – 4/25/16

Daily List: 3 So-Called Healthy Habits That Could Be Making You Sick
We’re all generally aware of the habits we may have that are really unhealthy: drinking to excess, eating poorly, persisting in smoking even though there are about 400 reasons to quit. But some habits that are damaging to your health can appear, on the surface, to be harmless – or even helpful.

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Spartan Training
Do you have what it takes to take on the SISU Iron? One crew is making sure they will. BRAVO Co. (Bringing Resources & Activites to Veterans Operation) is a non-profit, athletic team, that fights PTSD and suicide and raises awareness for these causes through athletic activity and right now its athletes are training for the 30-hour straight endurance event. Good Day’s Nha Nguyen is live learning more about the event, the group’s personal mission AND hitting the course herself.


Agave Artichoke Plant
We are checking out a GIANT agave artichoke plant in Tracy this morning. These local women not only had a century plant bloom in 2013 (we showed it on air) but now her guava plant is blooming and it is absolutely beautiful! This lady must have a serious green thumb. Heather Brent is catching up with the owner Claudia this morning and finding out about the jumbo plant!

Evolution of the Pickup
The Pickup Truck: Where Utility Meets the Everyday
Exhibit Runs Through Sept. 11
California Automobile Museum
2200 Front Street

Pinwheels For Peace
A Placer County organization is working to prevent child abuse one pinwheel garden at a time. Melissa’s live in Roseville with more on how KidsFirst is making a big impact in the community.

KidsFirst (all one word)

Good Day Florists
Folsom Garden Club Garden Tour
Gardens Throughout Folsom
Saturday & Sunday

Rio Americano Football Golf Tournament
Friday, April 29
Teal Bend Golf Course
7200 Garden Hwy, Sacramento
All Proceeds Benefit Rio Americano Football
Register Online!!

Diva Market
May 21 & Third Saturday of Every Month
1001 Del Paso Boulevard
More Info: (916) 613-2940

East Meets West
We’re learning about inspiring dishes you can make that mix East and West.

Patty Mastracco Food Stylist

Witherell’s most exciting finds are coming up on auction and the public can get a gander starting this weekend. It’s the Western Design Auction and staffers say the items on the block are ones held back all year long just for this occasion. Up for grabs?

Tues 4/25/16
10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Preview of auction
Sat 4/30/16
1 p.m.-5 p.m.


Hot Italian
Spring has sprung at one of Sacramento’s hottest restaurants! Click here to get their Fasano Pizza recipe (.PDF). 

Open Daily 11:30 am
500 1st St. #09
(530) 792-7015

Green Thumb Students
One way to get kids to eat their fruits and veggies is to plant them! We caught up with the Garden Guy when they were just little seeds now the tomatoes are ready to plant. Instead of planting in his backyard he’s donating to kindergarteners in Sacramento! Melissa’s live as they get ready to plant about how this is a special family tradition!

Curtis Park Garden Tour
April 30th


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