Cambi Brown

Born and raised in Elk Grove, Cambi attended Sacramento State and began her broadcasting career right here. As an intern at Good Day Sacramento, she knew she wanted to someday return as a reporter, and has been able to do just that on Good Day and CBS13.

Twitter: @CambiBrown

With some help from some amazing people at the station, many who still work here, she landed her first on-air job in Yuma, Arizona. She realized you can take the girl out of California, but you can’t take California out of the girl. Most recently she returned to The Golden State, working on a morning show in Bakersfield. Her “Cambi on the go” franchise there allowed her to do a lot of things from skydiving to joining the circus. Despite Cambi’s mom and dog, Polly Pocket, making frequent TV appearances in Bakersfield, home was always in the back of her mind, so in December of 2012, she moved back to work for the station where she first learned the ropes.

When not at work, you’ll find Cambi watching “I Love Lucy” reruns, bragging about her brother, who is proudly serving our country, or trying to stop her mom from telling everyone in town to watch her daughter on Good Day!

Cambi’s latest segments

  • Globetrotters
    The Harlem Globetrotters are coming to the Golden 1 Center next week. But before that, player Buckets wants to survey the new arena.
  • Musical Child
    Cambi met a child who can play multiple instruments, and he’s not even 2 years old!
  • Paint Rocks
    People in Sacramento are painting rocks and hiding them for others to find.
  • IKEA Sleepover
    IKEA is collecting stuffed animals and educational toys to donate to 6 children's charities including UC David Children's Hospital.
  • Fancy Shower Caps
    All Caps Hair isn’t your average shower cap. To start, they’re a lot prettier to start and can be worn overnight to protect your hair. This morning Cambi is in the bathroom demonstrating this shower cap and showing you why it’s a great gift for the friend who has everything.
  • Amazon Cyber Monday
    Amazon gave us a rare behind-the-scenes look at all the Cyber Monday craziness!
  • Carrie Bmac Hair
    There is a new salon opening in East Sacramento and the owner has clients all over California. She does a ton of photo shoots, and this morning, she is helping us get your hair ready for your holiday pics.
  • Handy Cambi
    Cambi gave the control room a quick clean before she hit the road this morning in her overalls.
  • Magic Candy Factory
    God was finally listening to my prayers — the magic candy factory sets up shop here inSsacramento!!
  • The Price is Right Theater
    We had our own Price is Right game show on the show this morning. It was crazy fun!!!

One Comment

  1. Donna IturreriaY says:

    Cambi, Where have you been ? You are MISSED . Coming back soon I hope. Your the best on the weekend show.

  2. Henry Hultgren says:

    Hi Cambi , nice look very colorful . First class like you !! The first caat video is 2 cats in the catnip ! One is a nasty selfish stoner !!

  3. Won a jackpot on Sparks 1200 bucks , I was stunned .

  4. Tent segment ? I’d have helped you during the break ! You’re right , not the best outfit for that ! Good look tho'[ !

  5. Stunning look this AM !! Wow ! FYI I had to jump out of a burning aircraft . Once was enough !

  6. Roxanne Bender says:

    Cambi, I just sent a message (subject line: staff) singing your praises. I remember your first day and have enjoyed wathing you gain confidence and just learning to shine with the REAL you. I love that you don’t put on airs and stay true to youtself. It’s probably not easy within your industry so I just wanted you to know I do see and appreciate your ethics and selflove. It’s refreshing.

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