Rachel Bilson: What Was She Thinking?

Usually, our beloved Hart of Dixie star is the greatest fashionista! Typically, we like our celebrities to go outside like they expect to be photographed. Judging from the smile on Bilson’s face, she has no idea how quickly she’ll get thrown on the Worst Dressed List. This week she stepped out with on-again/off-again boyfriend, Hayden Christiansen to grab some juices in this horrible blue mess.

Photo Credit: JustJared.com

Photo Credit: JustJared.com

This burlap sack is paired with retro black pseudo-combat boots that make me cringe. Rachel Bilson, how could you? You’ve been so many girls’ go-to fashion icon! We see her time and time again stepping out in fashion forward outfits like this one:

Photo Credit: www.popsugar.com

Photo Credit: http://www.popsugar.com

Appropriate nude colored dress with a pop of color semi-blazer and a bit of jewelry to pull the whole outfit together. Hopefully, this outfit was a one-time mishap on a severe laundry day.

I would much rather see Rachel in an adorable dress with a cute cardigan coverup than a blue burlap potato sack any day. Get it together, Bilson!

Photo Credit: LongHairstylesHowTo.com

Photo Credit: LongHairstylesHowTo.com

… we still love you though!!! What do you think about Rachel’s look?

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