SACRAMENTO (CW31) – If you happened to see an elf, a very large fallen tree outside the Hooter’s restaurant on Arden Way in Sacramento this morning, you were not hallucinating.

Good Day Sacramento’s Cody Stark had been dressed as an elf while reporting on a Naughty or Nice photo booth at the Citizen Hotel in downtown Sacramento when he was dispatched to cover the breaking news outside the Hooter’s.

After days of wet weather, the saturated ground could no longer hold the weight of the large tree at the entrance to the Hooter’s parking lot.

Sometime during the night, the tree fell across the driveway and toward the restaurant. No one was hurt. While there was some minor damage to the grounds outside the building, the restaurant itself was not impacted.

The manager says the Hooter’s will be open as scheduled today.

In true Good Day style, Stark asked the question on everyone’s mind, “If a tree falls outside a Hooter’s and no one hears it, does it come with a side of ranch?”


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