By Tina Macuha

Teen’s Tune is a game I’ve been playing with the other anchors on Good Day for years! No, it’s not “teen” music but it could be on certain days. Teen is one of my nicknames. I play a very short clip of a song and when I stop playing it, the others have a chance to guess the name & artist of the song. Mark and Ken are not only competitive but very, very good at this! Recently, Julissa shared on “App of the Week” a way to play your friends and family on your iPhone. It’s called SongPop. I don’t know if other phones have this app. You’ll have to create a username or go through Facebook (not a fan of going through FB to play games). The more you win challenges, the more coins you get and then you can use the coins to “buy” more categories. Here’s the link if you want to check it out.

Have fun!  Tina


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