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Ken Rudulph

Ken Rudulph

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Ken Rudulph is the co-host of “Good Day Sacramento.” Ken was born and raised in Sacramento and graduated from Cordova High School (go, Lancers!), then CSUS with a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism. His first media job out of college was with KMAX 31. After interning for the sports department—under the invaluable tutelage of Grant Napier—he was hired as a news reporter and joined the “Good Day Sacramento” team in its infancy. Ken was also the co-founder and lead singer of Sammy-nominated funk/rock band Mama’s Gravy.

delmar2011 Ken RudulphIn 1997 Ken moved to Los Angeles where he worked as a sports anchor for local news network OCN; as a sketch-comedy sports host on Fox’s “Best Damn Sports Show Period”; and as the founding host of TVG, the nation’s first interactive horseracing network. Ken is also a contributor to the Onion News Network and has appeared in more than two dozen films and TV series, including “Bruce Almighty,” “Smokin’ Aces” and “True Blood.”

3 rudulph 282 Ken RudulphFifteen years after leaving Sacramento, Ken returns to his hometown with his wife and son to start what he calls his “dream job,” sitting alongside former colleagues Marianne McClary, Tina Machua and Mark S. Allen on the set of “Good Day Sacramento.”


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