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Ken Rudulph

Ken Rudulph

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Ken Rudulph is the co-host of “Good Day Sacramento.” Ken was born and raised in Sacramento and graduated from Cordova High School (go, Lancers!), then CSUS with a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism. His first media job out of college was with KMAX 31. After interning for the sports department—under the invaluable tutelage of Grant Napier—he was hired as a news reporter and joined the “Good Day Sacramento” team in its infancy. Ken was also the co-founder and lead singer of Sammy-nominated funk/rock band Mama’s Gravy.

delmar2011 Ken RudulphIn 1997 Ken moved to Los Angeles where he worked as a sports anchor for local news network OCN; as a sketch-comedy sports host on Fox’s “Best Damn Sports Show Period”; and as the founding host of TVG, the nation’s first interactive horseracing network. Ken is also a contributor to the Onion News Network and has appeared in more than two dozen films and TV series, including “Bruce Almighty,” “Smokin’ Aces” and “True Blood.”

3 rudulph 282 Ken RudulphFifteen years after leaving Sacramento, Ken returns to his hometown with his wife and son to start what he calls his “dream job,” sitting alongside former colleagues Marianne McClary, Tina Machua and Mark S. Allen on the set of “Good Day Sacramento.”


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  • Leslie

    Hello Ken…Welcome!! I also was a Lancer and I appreciate your tribute!! Perfect!!! What year did you graduate? We may have common friends, Glad to Have a hometown man,,,good for you!!!

    • Demetrius

      Me too!!! Go Big Red!!!!

    • John Public

      Where’s Mike Sorce at? He sucked anyways… Ken, Thank you! There still might be hope! Hang in there! Tina does look like a Granny! ROTFLMAO!

      • Balaji

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  • Demetrius

    What year did you graduated from Cordova?

  • Matt D

    Welcome Ken. Nice to have you back

  • Maryl

    I am so lucky!!! I miss Ken terribly on TVG but am fortunate to live in Sacramento and now see him on Good Day Sacramento. I will now be watching GDS exclusively. Welcome home Ken and don’t forget us racing fans!!!!

  • John G

    Hey Kenny! Nice to see you back in Sac! I loved working with you at the Days Inn many years ago! You was always a riot! Good luck on Good Day!

    • Pedroh

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  • Celeste Snavely

    Welcome, Ken; boy, you just fit like a suede glove in that anchor seat. I think the ship has been righted. Good luck and hang in there; it can get wild! Somehow I’m sure you are up to it!

  • Peggy

    Welcome back Ken! It’s great to see you in that anchor chair.

  • Raul

    OK, Ken, glad to have you back in town. Hope we see you at Cal Expo satellite to hangout with us racing fans.

  • Kim

    Yeah, so happy to see Ken back on local news. Watched the show this morning and it was like you never left. Happy you are home!

  • Marcia

    Welcome glad to have a permanant replacement for he who shall not be named. Hope we see Cody in the field more now.

  • Tina C.

    Ken, when I saw you this morning you looked familiar. When your past came up, then I remembered.
    Welcome back!

  • Nancy R

    I to watch TVG, but is so nice having you on GDS, you’ll do great!!! Welcome

  • Kevin

    Ken, good first day back, once in awhile please pop off a Chris Rock sound bite!!! Music sounded good today…Mama’s Gravy good tone,,,,get together with Tina and come up with a song, perhaps a song for Good Day You surving Grant Napier very impressive…ouCh! Grant ouch!!!

  • Raquel

    hello ken (bo) i knew u in high school i wanted to say welcome back and i hope u and your family fit right back in . u look great cute baby and wife

  • Raquel


    • Lawa

      Posted on Hey, you like Jen that why you try to cover your eyes and pretending blind. Jen is raelly ugly like a man with fake boobs, fake blonde,fake tan, and long chin like Jay Leno. All of her face ugly and her body just average with fake boobs, lipo-suction and fake tan.Her legs is short , always wear 10 high heel. etc.. She high maintenance , wear expensive clothes, expensive shoes, proffessional make up artisr help to make her face look better. Without those fake she look like a gradma.

  • Mark & Judy-Fair Oaks

    Ken Rudulph’s taste in music is Terrible !!

    My wife and I are not impressed !!

    Jay Z and Kayne West ?

    Have you seen what the name of the CD is called and look at a couple of the names of the songs. (Not Cool) !!

    • Ken Rudulph

      yeah, that was my bad or mistake, I did not see the website with that language you are referring to prior to giving it out. Sorry. The music is still great, but it is aggressive and obviously not for you, I should not have mentioned that on the air.

    • Raquel

      thats great u spoke up, this is momas friend and i use to watch good day sac. but not so much anymore .

    • Raquel

      i ment Monas friend

  • m.h.

    finally! a class act is back in the anchor seat…i look forward to turning on the TV at 4:30 again, welcome, Cheers!

  • Mere

    Hello Ken–new to Sacramento and Good day. Enjoyed the programing today and yesterday. Glad I tuned in.

    • Kevin G

      Congrats on the new gig Ken. You’ll be missed at TVG. Good luck. -From; Producer

  • Laura

    Welcome to the show Ken

  • Donyelle

    Ken, Congrats and blessings on your new venture… We miss you here at TVG…. Have a blast and enjoy that beautiful family.
    Donyelle :)

  • ColetteMarie

    Hi Ken! I will miss seeing you on TVG. Congratulations on your new job. I hope to catch it on the internet. Please come back to TVG for the big race days. It would be great if you were there @ TVG for the Breeder’s Cup broadcasts. Take care!!

  • Lisa

    You make me want to watch every morning now! Welcome back to Sacramento. You are a perfect fit to GDS!

  • midge(bullet)

    I miss you so much on TVG. Many blessings with your new job.
    I lived in Sacramento in 66/67 and loved it. Hope you do guest
    appearances on TVG once in awhile. Take care.

    • Gabrielle

      Ken, my brother, I am soo glad you are back to your true “roots”, Sacramento missed you, as well as family :) You are right at home back on Good Day!!. So awesome to see a family member on my local news channel too, and my nephew already gettin name dropped on tv!! haha :) Keep up the good work!

  • Bodie

    Damm – we miss you on TVG!!!!!!!!! Can we talk you into a guest shot on there once and a while?? Best of luck to you on your new endevor!!!!

  • Amy Vigil-Strother

    Hey Kenny (bo) I too went to Cordova with you..Congrats on your new job! You look give GDS a new fresh face! Keep up the good work!

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