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  1. Matt D says:

    I like Alan

  2. Linda says:

    Thought you should know, I was in Modesto on Monday 1/30/12 off of Dale Rd. and Snyder about 12:30 . I saw Allen Sanchez in a white button down shirt with blue jeans, walking his little white dog down the driveway. I’m a 60 yr. old woman, a threat to no one. I rolled down my car window and said ” hey you ” you’re suppose to be working” . He looked at me with a frown and with his palms turned up . I then said your Allen Sanchez, he mumbled something with a puzzled look on his face, then shook his head, like you have the wrong person. I didn’t want anything from the guy, but a wave or smile would have been nice. Maybe his head is getting a little too big. I’m a nurse and I always have strange people coming up to me saying, I remember you, You took care of my Mom , Dad, brother, etc. I am always cordial.When we work with the public we need to be pleasant. I will post this on my facebook page for friends and family to see. Disappointed , Linda

  3. JULIA says:

    This isn’t about anything on here but help us stop Kony!
    This man needs to be stopped and we need to stop him! He uses children as soldiers forces them to kill there parents, and they use girls as sex slaves. Go to youtube and search Kony 2012. Lets stop this man let us be able to punish him for his crimes. Watch this video and find out more information. PLEASE HELP US STOP THIS MAN.

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