Good Day Goes KISS!

Members of the Good Day cast were done up as KISS this morning! Check out the photos.

  • Rhonda Ward

    The KISS makeovers are fabulous!!! It makes me love Good Day even more!!!! Julissa looks great as Peter Criss!! Great job guys!!! And thanks from a very BIG KISS fan!!!!

  • Matt D

    They all look GREAT!!!! Love Julissa’s look. Love you all.

  • Michele

    Love the KISS makeovers! Thanks so much for supporting Walk n Rock for Kids.

  • leon

    LOL with the suits you all look like the album cover “Dresss to Kill”

  • Lisa V

    You guys had sooo much fun!! You were all laughing so much. You had me laughing with you; laughing is contagious! I’ve seen so many bands, but never got to see KISS. Even after the show when I took my walk, I was still laughing. Rock on.

  • Rosie

    Gina did such a professional job of making KISS come to life!!!!!!
    She is the best of course. She is my granddaughter !!!!!!! She should be on T.V. herself as she has the personality for it as well
    as the looks. Young now, maybe later, Huh?

    • Christina Gunn

      Rosie, Gina was a joy o work with. Highly professional. I will use her again!

  • Alexis

    I had such a great time watching this show!! You all seem to have so much fun supporting such a great cause.

  • Christina Gunn

    Thank you, GDS crew, for being so supportive of the benefit concert for kids in Sacramento. Tickets are still on sale for this Sunday’s KISS concert! It will be sunny and 78 degrees!'N+Rock+featuring+KISS

  • Jill B

    Great Show! Hope someone is creating a youtube segment using the last hour of the show. Montel did a fantastic job. And Gary was so entertaining. Good Job Good Day!

  • Raymond

    you guys are the best. Julissa your beautiful than ever. keep up the good work.

  • Eileen

    Ok! I recognized Tina Machua, Who’s next to Tina on her left? Is that Gary Gelfand? Maryanne McClary, and Montel!!!! What a beautiful group!!!

    • Eileen

      Sorry! That’s not Maryann; That’s Julissa!!!!

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