Sam Pinilla

Sam Pinilla is a Spanish Language interpreter.


One Comment

  1. RIC says:

    Hell’o–Keep up the great work!

  2. Marco says:

    You have a lot of class Sam – pass some of it to those low lifers like Javier and Andres and tell them to act like real Latino men, not just two-bit clowns. When I watch them acting like they are funny, making faces, makes me sorry I am Latino.
    In your case, you portray a professional image.

  3. Po Po says:

    Wow…. You look good on this photo!!! Good Job Sam…

  4. TS Elliott says:

    Sam you have the most infectious and beautiful smile. No way we can look at this pic and not bust out in a smile with you. Keep up the good work and the great smiles.

  5. Cristina says:

    I am wondering what nationality Sammy is?

  6. Diana says:

    Sammy, Can you pleeeeeeeeez send me the link to that little toy singing, arm dancing “mamacita” dog? I can’t find it anywhere! Oh pleeeeeeeez? Make my christmas miracle!

    Thank you! Di

  7. DeeAnn says:

    Good Morning and Merry Christmas,
    I think you were on Oakdale /Claribel in Modesto. We would love a tree. There aren’t too many Christmas decorations around here this year. We would love a tree, but I’d have to get help getting it delivered since my car went to pic n pull last Christmas. Everything is so unsure this Christmas, since I lost my job in June. Living only on benefits of 300 a month, there isn’t any Christmas, other than the love we have for each other. Now the house is going to auction Jan. 6th since the landlord quit paying the mortgage when we moved in.
    If we were lucky enough to get a tree it would be so wonderful.
    Thank-you for considering us……. Thanks for a GREAT morning show also…..
    Merry Christmas,
    DeeAnn ph. 209-581-7050

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