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Mark S. Allen

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Mark S. Allen is a three-time Emmy Award winner, the entertainment anchor for “Good Day Sacramento,” and the producer/host ofMark@TheMovies on CW31, (and in over 34 million US homes on Reelz Channel Network.) His career is almost as scattered and disjointed as Mark himself.

He began broadcasting in HipHop RandB radio in Dallas, L.A., and KSFM1025.

He had a show on Comedy Central for two years called Short Attention Span Theater, he co-hosted a teen show with Lisa Ling called Scratch, played a reporter (badly) in Fantastic Four and again (even worse) in the slasher film Chain Letter.

He won an award however for his performance in Joe Carnahan’s Blood Guts Bullets and Octane “worst performance, ever in film” award, by Joe himself. They remain best of friends.

Though he loves life in Sacramento, he commutes to L.A. and New York two times every Month, on assignment,
where he interviews the biggest stars in entertainment! In 1999, Mark was inducted into the Nation’s most respected film critic organization, B.F.C.A., and his movie reviews appear in newspapers coast to coast and he continues to bring wild antics, and top name celebrities to “Good Day Sacramento” every day!

Mark’s Latest Segments

  • Andrew Garfield
    We spoke with actor Andrew Garfield this morning about his latest film, "99 Homes."
  • Goodwill Hunting For Costumes
    We met this morning with regional director of Goodwill, Mark Klingler and had a costume contest. Check out the costumes available at a Goodwill near you!
  • Interview: Seth Rogan
  • Aaron Sorkin
    Aaron Sorkin is a one of the most prolific writer for stage and screen of our time.
  • Breakfast Anytime Delivery
    Today is the national launch date for all day McDonald's breakfast, so Mark S. Allen is handing out free breakfast!
  • Interview: Jeremy Renner
    Jeremy Renner was in Sacramento to fly with the Blue Angels! Mark talked caught up with him to talk about the flight.
  • The Seeds: Pushin’ Too Hard
    One of the founding members of the legendary punk group “The Seeds” performs live and gives us a sneak peak at the new documentary .
  • New Rules for Dating
    We were live this morning with a relationship expert and professional matchmaker Siggy Flicker, who shares her new rules for dating.
  • High Wire School
    In 1974, a guy tried to walk between the twin towers without a net! That incident is now an amazing movie directed by Forest Gump’s Robert Zemekis. Did you know much of the movie was made with the cooperation of a high wire (and circus skill) school right here in Northern California? True! Mark S. Allen is there this morning learning tight rope (and other) skills!
  • Whiskers And Wine
    Would you like some whiskers with your wine? Now you can enjoy some mind-blowing bottles of your favorite beer, bubbles and vino while helping to support a great cause!
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