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So they asked me to update my bio since it said my daughter was “recently born” (she is now driving). I didn’t have a lot of time, so I just copied and pasted Oprah’s official bio from

Through the power of media, Oprah Winfrey Cody Stark has created an unparalleled connection with people around the world Northern California, Indiana, Tennessee, Alabama, and parts of Norway. As supervising producer weather anchor and host host of the top-rated, award-winning The Oprah Winfrey Show Good Day Sacramento Weekend Show, she he has entertained moderately entertained, enlightened eh and uplifted millions of viewers at least 37 people for the past two decades. Her His accomplishments as a global media leader and philanthropist have established her him as one of the most respected and admired public figures today (by his wife, two kids, and his cats.)


Cody’s Latest Segments

  • NASA Man: Black Hole New Mission
    Cody has some astounding stories to tell you about space.
  • Beauty Tips
    ‘Tis the season to season to shine, glimmer and glow!! Beauty and style expert Kate De Ponte has extensive beauty know-how to help us look and feel our absolute best this holiday season.
  • Elf Press Conference
    Our local “Elf On The Shelf” took some questions about gifts and who's naughty or nice!
  • NASA Man: Space Poop Challenge
    Cody has some interesting space-related stories to report.
  • Goodbye November
    Cody said a tearful goodbye to the month of November!
  • Interview: Actor Robert Wagner
    We talked this morning with legendary actor Robert Wagner. He has a new book called "I Loved Her in the Movies: Memories of Hollywood's Legendary Actresses."
  • Stop Motion Poetry
    If you’re looking for something to do tonight, how about checking out some local music! The local Modesto band Stop Motion Poetry is performing tonight for their EP release show. The new record is called “Lost on the Drive.”
  • Comedian Chad Daniels
    Comedian Chad Daniels stopped by Good Day before his headlining shows at the Punch Line tonight and tomorrow! This guy is hilarious and has appeared on Conan O’Brien’s show a bunch.
  • Dia De Los Muertos At UOP
    Students involved with MECHA at Univeristy of the Pacific created a Dia De Los Muertos Altar with traditional items like crosses, food, names of loved ones who have passed,photos and flowers.
  • Former Chicago Cubs Player
    It took over a century, but the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Cody visited a former Cubs player.


One Comment

  1. Cindy says:

    I’ve been working on weekends and now I see that the new sidekick is gone. What happened? I really liked her. LOVE GDS

  2. henry says:

    where is Jackie Trachia from Chicago?

    1. Nanie says:

      Jackie moved back to Florida to be with her family.

  3. Jan says:

    I too would like to know what happened to Jackie Trachia. Last time I checked she was still on the page bios but today she isn’t there. I believe that she was the best you have had on at the W/E as you and she really were great together plus she had a wide range of knowledge. Love your show.

    1. Lisa says:

      Help Good Day….My memory is bad, but didn’t Jackie go back to Chicago? And I don’t see your wkend co-host Nada? on your site with her own Bio; Is she gone? I always felt bad for her because it sounded like it was hard for her to speak with a possible deviated septum. Cody you are so friendly and easy going. Luv ya!

      1. Jennifer Mumford says:

        Nada is still there but is doing weather on 13 the night segment. 5-6??

  4. Maria says:

    What did happen to Jackie Tranchida?

  5. Tim Sjobeck says:

    Prevent freezing and subsequent bursting of pipes by following these suggestions……

  6. melany says:

    I used to love Cody and all his energry. Now he is either off sick or on the air complaining about being sick He has’nt been the same since Taryn left the show. I will not miss the show when I move to Arizona.

  7. Robert says:

    Christina should be the new co-host on the weekends,don’t get me wrong Neda is great but Christina is AWSOME. I would watch that for the entire show not just the couple of hours that I watch now,also where is her Bio at. Oh one more thing still missin me some Shaine Wells

  8. rhonda says:

    mark is obnoxious and we change the chanel when he tries to interview people, talks over the top of them and is more rude than funny…………….. you are great, a perfect blend. 🙂 rb

  9. Michellelynne says:

    Hay Cody tell thoes people to just shut the door! Mark 2 Is GREAT, and a perfect replacement for Jackie T.!!!!!!!!

  10. staca says:

    Please help, Cody. Mark Mathis does not compliment the show. It details his personality by showing the negitive email from Jim and ?

    1. Terry Villines says:

      where is Mark Mathis ?

  11. Kym says:

    Lunin the goodday crew, watch u every morning kisses to ya Code man.. just wish i could be there to meet ya’ll. PS> Hi Alan!!!… SNOOCHIE BOOCHIE.

  12. Pat says:

    What is the name of the song that is playing with the stretch this morning. It’s by Enya. Thanks much in advance.

  13. Louie Adame says:

    Hi Cody, I have been watching you for almost 3 years and I’m part of your 4:30am crew. Now I just had surgery and been on and off for a few months. Has the station gone through a change of staff? I saw one of staff a female friend of Tina on channel 40. Plus your missing that straight guy sometimes not funny. Why did Jackie leave? And who is the non American with you on weekends. Anyway she is funny but you have gone through changes, why does everyone wear suites. Your all looking too straight or got scared straight ha. Let me know please, thanks.

  14. Sharon says:

    Cody, I’m visiting here in Auburn from Hazel Green, AL. (I’m sure you’ll know where that is.) You show pictures from Bald Mountain and I would like to know just where Bald Mountain is. Love all of Good Day, even watch it from AL.

  15. Dale says:

    Yes, it is true, Sunday, Nov. 28th, 2010;
    Kristine (wife), Debbie (sister), and I (Dale) were dong the ‘Ol No.7 (Jack Daniels) Yams recipe. We were elevating the yam to a different level (do not ask me what level – up or down).
    Yes, it was a slow news day. (Usually a live shot of a high speed car chase in L.A. is feed in and bumps off the really important stuff – like cooking.)
    I emailed Ashley W.a still photo of the ‘Ol No.7 Yam gang.

  16. Veronica Clewis says:


  17. Tereasa Kelley says:

    I wanna know where you got the rock n roll shoes? I need to get a pair of those for my son.

  18. Amy says:

    What happened to Cody? Lately, we get more of the new guy and less of Cody. The new guy is annoying as heck!

  19. sean says:

    yo cody!!??! hey ive been out of the states for 3 months and i come back to find out that jackie is GONE? what the heck? she was my favorite next to you!!!!

  20. Amy says:

    Why are we seeing less of Cody and more of the goofy new guy? BTW- lose the new guy. He’s annoying as heck!!

  21. Michele Butler says:

    My something good is my 103 yr. old grandma I live with her and help take care of her, but she still gets around great and is sharp as a tack. She is the oldest person in our town which is a small town Keyes, Calif. Michele Butler

  22. Nikki says:

    I love your shirts. Where can I buy them?

  23. Jacki says:

    Auburn is going down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quack Quack

  24. Jacki says:

    Auburn is going down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quack Quack

  25. anthony says:

    , i sent you a email today for help i hope you see it thanks Cody

  26. Vickie says:

    Please tell me you are not being replaced by Mark Mathis, he’s a cool guy but I like you better. Love the weekend show!

    1. mike says:

      Both of them suck and are really hard to watch!

  27. lowell says:

    to real rough workon tv toughen them up

  28. lowell says:

    send cody an mat out on snow assign ment next storm toughen them up to real weather

  29. Laureen says:

    Cody, I have been out of town and didn’t know if you knew about Wreaths Across America. Wreaths are placed at national cemeteries—happens today in Dixon

  30. Nicholas Burke says:

    Hey man…been a fan of Good Day since 98…Loved when you joined the show and am glad you havent left like everyone else..except Burrous..he needed to go..anyways just wishing you and yours a great Holiday Season..Next time you have Saxophone Day…you need to get ahold of ME…Im a pro..have played with Pete and Sheila Escovedo,Phil Lesh,Tony Tone Toni, and Many More…..I was also writing cause I m a huge fan of Chris Titus…glad you had him on…get him to come back soon …..Ill even play backround stuff for you guys…if you want a great little jazz trio Peace and Love Brother….N

  31. Hank says:

    Please stop showing the New Mark on while you were at work as I have to walk out of the room. I quit watching during the week. That idiot has to go.

  32. Kevin young says:

    Hello Cody I just wanted you to know you should come see me @ Yuba City Toyota & let’s just get you a new Prius! Also check out Toyon st. For a Christmas street! You could most likely see it from space! It is in Yuba city ca. Peace out!

  33. Kym says:

    Hey Cody, You “ROCK”, Question,” Have you ever watched the show Extreme Makeover Home Edition? well your new guy, Mark mathis is the twin to Mike Mahoney, with the voice of Huell Houser. (Very Annoying) not to be rude, but seriously, THINK ABOUT IT. much love. Kym

  34. Michele Butler says:

    Ok Cody can’t figure out how to get to face book(wanna know why?) I am from the same town as Allen Santos,what more can I say The funniest thing I heard about your back end is “Where is your happy butt going”? Thought that was funnny, never heard of a “HAPPY BUTT” Michele (from Keyes)

  35. Virginia King says:

    .Patriot Guard Riders welcome Homes that are planned so far you can also go to
    for Cpl Brandon Denning US Marines. The Cpl will be arriving home on Southwest Airlines Flight #388 at the Oakland Airport Sunday 19 Dec. 10. at 10;55am.
    Welcome Home Dec. 24,10 at 10:40pm Termiinal B for Army SPC Jordan Jimenez
    Dec. 20,2010 at 10:40am Terminal A escalator area.
    You can also go to NRA-PGR YOUTUBE VIDEO scroll down to Videos for NRA-PGR YOUTUBE VIDEO Veterns Day 2010.
    it doesn’t cost anything to join and after you join you will get emails on the welcome homes, send offs, funerals and other events that go on for the military families.

  36. jeff says:

    I am an Oregon State Beaver and I am with you that Auburn is going to win! Has there ever been an Auburn hat that has Tiger stripes. I’m shopping for my anti duck gear!

    1. RIC says:


  37. jana says:

    Cody, I heard a song yesterday that embodies your frustration with the toy twisty ties;; it is called “Toy Packaging ” by Sara Groves. I instantly thought of you when I heard it

  38. RIC says:

    Hi Cody, Be kind to your web footed friends!!The DUCKS are taking kitty cats to a new beginning!!{all the water you have now} {they are gasping for air} Hope all is well.– 42–33 OREGON!!!!!NATIONAL CHAMPS!! Keep up the fine work–RVR Good Luck Auburn –BETS? Free nod to winner!!!

  39. Jeanne Cardinaux says:

    Where is Jackie Trachia? I miss her smiling face. The magic is gone. Is she coming back?

  40. Pat says:

    what happened to jackie t?

  41. Eric Riley says:

    To any viewer, saying the new guy sucks.
    Question for you.
    What you don’t like a change of pace? Go watch Channel 3 Maybe they are slow and boring enough for you.
    Merry Christmas

  42. Lyle & Missy says:

    Is Marks chair made of ice or fire? or both. Oh I bet he has ants in the pants. Whatever he drive me and the wife up the wall. We don’t hate him that’s not a good thing to hate some one. But isn’t time for his long long long vacation. Bye Mark have fun go just go!!!!

  43. BRIAN says:

    Cody, your new partner today Sunday Dec 26th, is I hope a “one show only”. He has got to go. Not a good add to the team. Does not fit…………….., not even close

  44. JohnnyO says:

    Cody where did you get the NEW guy from?????? I would rather see just you on the week-ends rather than him with you. Your really good at what you do and he is weird

  45. Chris says:

    Cody is the MAN! And who cares what happened to Jackie? She was always eating or talking about food while she was on camera. That’s obnoxious. Anyway I like Neda. She isn’t afraid to do a story out in a snowstorm and she’s awfully easy on the eyes too! O and she’s not dingy like one of the others on the weekend show. Not naming any names though. I think it’s obvious.

  46. albert trevizo says:

    While everybody is saying goodbye to 2010, my celebration will go to 11.

    I’m suprised that none of you hipsters took advantage of the Spinal Tap referance. Merry New Year.
    Oh. Also the date 1/1/11 can be associated to 31. Your channel.

  47. Mark Watkins says:

    I watch GD everyday even at work between 5 and 10. The weekend show is the best but not for long. If you leave Mark Mathis as a co host I will have to switch the channel. I don’t mind him for a little bit but not the whole show. Please pick a better co host so I can watch on the weekends.

  48. Mike and Barbara Childers says:

    Hey Cody!

    My wife and I just met you this morning at California Burgers. We just wanted to say THANK YOU again for the nice chat and the burgers, fries and drink. You’re as awesome in person as we thought you’d be. We love watching you on GoodDay Sacramento and love the rest of your crew too. Keep up the good work and thanks again for letting us know about California Burgers! We will be going back again and again! God Bless you and your family. Have a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! Mike and Barb

  49. AARON says:

    Cody, I like watching you on the news I do not like watching Mark Mathis! I don’t trust his weather but your weather is right on the money keep him off the tube.Don’t go anywhere eles stay with GOOD DAY !!!

  50. Peggy Rowe says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I got your snuggie beat. For Christmas I got not just one but two Snug Sack’s. They are great. No opening it zips from the bottom to about your waist then it flips over your shoulders where you can snap it. You can unzip it and lay it out and use it as a throw too. Love mine. You and your family have a very blessed new year.

  51. Leaving GDS! says:

    i dont know who decided to put this new guy on the weekend show with you but unfort. i wont be watching you anymore as long as he is on with you. sorry cody, i love you i continued to watch you on the weekend even when i stopped watching during the week when chris was on not to mention this guy julian no words for him either. why bring in all these new folks when you still have lori? love you cody. im sorry again.

  52. Leaving GDS! says:

    this guy mark is rude! he totally disrespected that lady a wk or two ago when she was showing you how to dance, i think the zumba. that was the last show i saw, i tuned in this morning just to see if he was still on, HE WAS! so i changed the channel
    i love you cody! i’ll start watching you again when you get someone new or bring lori back!

  53. Marco says:

    What happened to you Cody? You have always shown good judgement and good taste in selecting your co-anchors, and two weeks ago Saturday I turned on to your show and whom do I see sitting next to you but that obnoxious, rude, loud math, plastic man, crude Mark M – needless to say I turned you off and went to many other channels. Sunday was the same thing, and this past weekend there you are with this individual on your side – turned you off again, and I found other channels with more class that you have shown these past four weeks. You would think with all of the talent with seniority in your station you would had chosen some one with personality, image, and sincerity. Good bye GDS, you don’t care and I won’t miss you.
    You and Mark deserve each other!

  54. Bob says:

    .You don’t plan to keep the guy that was on this past weekend do you? You have always had such good co-anchors before. The the ladies compliment you a bunch. I have liked all your co anchors. Lori was special but at least she in doing the news. The guy you had on is not even a good clown. Send him back.

  55. Jaysen says:

    Cody and Dave, Thank you so much for the Needs Adapted Tricycles ) Good Day Sacramento- Moring NEWS Interview.

    You guys are very professional and made us feel like good friends.

    We will keep(“stay in touch”)you posted.

    Look for Tridynamic at Cal Expo Auto Rama /Bicycle show Feberuary 11-13

    Take”Good” care PS….” obsession with barbecuing accessories”. I happen to specialize in Custom BBQ /Masonry/Brick/Stone/outdoor kitchens…for pictures contact me at

    Jaysen and Julie Jaysen Betti Olivia.

  56. Mrs. Ward says:

    Bride of the Year Contest

    Follow these 5 steps to Vote:


    2. Click: Click Here

    3. Find our picture (The only black & white photo)
    Joey & Beth

    4. Click: Click to Vote

    5. Pass along to co-workers, friends & family

    *Vote from your phone too 

    Thanks for all your love & support.

  57. CC Lyda says:

    I have an Elvis bedroom with everything Elvis in it, wall paper, border, plates, pictures and 2 large pictures of Elvis, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and Humphrey Bogart, and tons of knick knacks on shelves on it, I wanted to send you a picture of it, but your contact is down today. My husband put it together just before he died and I am really fond of it. How can I send you pictures of it?

  58. TERRY HERNDON says:


  59. CC Lyda says:

    Wow Cody had no idea you were pregnant, and you don’t even show, haha;

  60. Tony says:

    Hey Cody, Please ask your new anchor to move back to Texas. Making fun of the police on his elvis on the street gig he did yesterday was uncalled for. He is not funny and bringing your show down.

  61. lily says:

    Cody!!!! What is with you guys,you have a jem like Ashley W. and Nada, what is wrong with you…..putting that nogood fornothing loud mathis on the air!!!! The show is lossing fans
    everyday,every time tat mark m. come on, i change my tv.If he comes back on the weekends……that’s it i’m done with gds love you, but can’t handle him……..

  62. CC Lyda says:

    I hate to tell you but I don’t like the new Mark either, he’s loud and obnoxious, not like Mark S Allen, I adore him.

  63. Kat Con says:

    Of course the Tigers would beat the Ducks!
    What a game it was…kept me on edge but new they would pull it off! So looking forward to seeing the lady in a tiger costume soon 🙂 ~~~Go Auburn, Go Auburn, you can do it~~~

  64. Shannan Fraser says:

    The EasyRider Bike Show is in Sacramento only once a year. Why is it that Good Day Sacramento has dropped the ball and not mentioned this? Not once. They said nothing all week, and now, today, still NOT A WORD! Get on the ball here people!

  65. Sharon Dean says:

    Cody is my favorite on this show, then Laurie He seems to be like a good friend. Keep up the good work. And thank you for any help you may have been in getting rid of your side kick. I did not watch last week because I thought he was still on the program. Also love Allen have been watching him since he was the unpaid intern!

  66. Bruce says:

    Cody,love the new look! it looks great on you, BUT what is up with the sleeveless things on the girls….looks like Jersey Shore meets white trash…..this is why I quit watching on the weekends.

  67. Katie Dalton says:

    i love you cody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i watch GoodDaySacramento every day!!!!!!!! your so funny!!!!!!!! you looked like an anime wereing that paw hat and scarf all in one!!!!! write back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Beth says:

    Bride of the Year! Vote for us/ Click in the the link & Click VOTE!

  69. Kit says:

    Hi Cody! If you ever leave the weekend show, I would probably quit watching. When you took over after Chris, it just seemed so natural. What is he doing in New York? Truthfully, I .like everyone and all the shows, but on the weekends, I get to relax and watch. I love all the humor because I think each and everyone of us needs that everyday, I think that people that don’t like it just do not have a sense of humor, that makes them very boring people.

  70. Jennifer Robinson says:

    Hey Cody, you are so great and we love you all at GDS. We watch 7 days a week.The show makes us smile before we have to go to work. My husband and I love the new Mark, everyone is being so negative…we don’t get it. He is kind of wild, but he makes us laugh. Please pass on our well wishes to him and we think you all do a wonderful job. We would never watch any other chanel, can you say zzzzzzz…they would put us to sleep.

  71. Greg says:

    I have watched GDS for many, many years. Have enjoyed many of the format & personnel changes (and missed some who have left). I think the new Mark is interesting (I will wait and see how he plays out) but I have always felt that the male/female co-anchors add more diversity (and easier on the eyes). Love Lori and the new Ms. Anderson. Keep up the good work.

  72. Bob says:

    I said this in January – See below. This guy doesn’t add anything t the show. When I turned the show on yesterday, I immediately changed to another channel. You had such a good thing going. You need a good person as a co host. Neda was great as was all the others.l I will miss yau all .

    January 4th 2011
    You don’t plan to keep the guy that was on this past weekend do you? You have always had such good co-anchors before. The the ladies compliment you a bunch. I have liked all your co anchors. Lori was special but at least she in doing the news. The guy you had on is not even a good clown. Send him back.

  73. Wendy says:

    Cody!!!! You are the BEST all around dude on the show.

  74. Gary McCallson says:

    The thing’s I miss are Taryn,Jackie,and even Neda being your co-host’s on the weekend show.I used to be able to watch the show from start to finish,on both Sat.& Sun.,but with Mark Mathis as your co-host,some day’s I can’t even make it to the 8:38 strech,plus I cannot handle that gum hanging out of the right side of his mouth.Please “HELP”,I really don’t want to change the channel to 3.

    1. Eroc says:

      Cody, I have watched your weekend show since it started. Jackie was great, Neda was ok, and then came Mark Mathis. The show is going down hill. Please help!!!! I want to watch your weekend show, but as long as Mark Mathis is on I will have to go to another channel.

  75. Benjamin Stone says:

    How can you work with Mark Mathis? Who hired him? Get him off your site?

  76. Benjamin Stone says:

    Cody, You need to get another co-achor? I liked all the other ones that you did have even Tarnya. Jackie, Nada. It’s heading down hill quick. Mark Mathis is loud & doesn’t fit in that well with your staff. It’s time for a change again.

    Benjamin Stone

  77. squishy says:

    cody, cody, cody you are the man. nobody makes me laugh more than you

  78. Jennifer Mumford says:

    Cody- I want to give you a great big THANK YOU!! If you did not take the new Mark M under your wing, It would have been ” “MARK MATHIS GONE WILD”” on Good day Sac. Idea? that could be a segment piece?LOL

  79. GDS says:

    No longer a fan of GDS. Can’t stand the new guy Mark M. and obviously the station refuses to make a change because he is still on the weekend show with Cody and that was the only time I did watch. So good luck Cody! You lost another viewer!

  80. k says:

    What the heck are you doing with a BOOB like Mathis. Your show has become nothing but slapstick and not in a good way. You went from Jackie (no comment) to this? What about Neda she was the best co-host you’ve had since Kelly and Taryn. Careful Cody before your credibility is totally shot. BTW you sure Mark is in “a program”?

    I don’t know which producer does the hiring but he must owe someoneo one really big favor. Hate to do it but looks like I’m switching back to channel 3. At least their professional.

  81. Joe in Sac says:

    I look forward to having my coffee and watching your weekend show. Cody is so funny! I like the new guy, but think having a female co-host is a better fit. Its kind of a sausagefest right now, lol. I still catch the entire weekend show. Keep up the laughs Cody!

  82. Marco says:

    What are you doing having that plastic Mark Mathis as your co-host on weekends? don’t you like women anymore? probably you like your boyfriend Mark better. You make an perfect couple, you deserve each other.

  83. Lindy says:

    cody you are the best!! the show is always 100% better when you’re on!!! so glad you got rid of the latest “girl” ….love mark m too but he should do live shots on the weekend….not studio work….or he’s OK on the weather…

  84. chris collette says:

    i am an expert at B.S. ‘ing

  85. Joan says:

    Cody, thank U for entertaining us on the weekends. You do a fantastic job.

  86. Robert wachter says:

    Hi cody stark I use to watch good day saramento very
    day . At 4:30am to 10:00am and on the weekend from 6am to 10am. Your good day sacramemento morning show is the best. Everyone on the are funny and made youy show#1. Now I live in torrance,ca. Now I miss your show. Have a great day.

  87. kim says:

    “Pageant Yard sale” at the CT Office 1425 Atlanta CT Turlock 209-669-5400 Friday Mar. 11th This is to benefit all the boys & girls that will be participating in our Tri-State finals. If you would like to have a table to sell, call and reserve a spot! Or if you are interested in buying come on down Fri. Mar. 11th. We are
    working on getting Good Day Sacramento to come join the fun! So come on down or reserve a space!

    please support them for teh Pageant

  88. jazzy says:

    Get rid of that annoying Mark Mathias. He is a pain in the_____also teach Alan Sanchez some manners when eating food. He put the piece he’s eathing back on the sample plate…ugh..also have Alan respect the people he is very rude at times to the public.

  89. Debbie says:

    I’d like to know who chooses the tunes in the a.m.? because when I hear INCUBUS, I know I’m watching a tv station with good taste in music! Battlestar Scralatchtica lives on! Keep up the good tunes!

  90. Anna Marie Hjalmer says:

    Ok Cody and Dave and all weather staff people! Does any one know the rain level totals for the year? I think by now we should be way over what we need. When will the weather change to warm and sunny and stay that way??????????????? Stop the rain please!!!!!!!!!!! Anna M. Hjalmer,.

  91. mystery brown says:

    Thank you for coming to CA.

  92. Randy Jenkins says:

    Goliath Jenkins most powerful puppy in the world!!!
    Can not figure how to put his picture in here?

  93. amy says:

    I know its not your job to tell us where mark mathis went,so i called and was told they could give me no info on this matter.This tells m cody that he is not going to be back and this is very upsetting to me because he moves here gets a apt buys furn,and looks happy !!! people start attacking him online,facebook and so on.I will no longer be sitting on my bed until 10 because of what and ow they treated mark mathis,but i do enjoy you cody,take care and keep up the hard work,As i said i will no longe be a channel CW fan take care goodday and god bless you cody and your family

  94. Gina says:

    I’ve looked and looked and can not find it……….DID you eat all that Sushi??

    1. cody says:

      nope, just half….

  95. leisa says:

    where is mark mathis?????

  96. Marco says:

    They finally got rid of Mark M and hopefully they’ll assign a
    co-host worthy of you!

  97. Ruth Ann says:

    Hey Cody, I have a comment and a question. First, you looked cool with the ‘stach and “hairy socks” in the ’80’s. also, where is Mark Mathis????
    Love the show. Keep on being funny.
    Ruth Ann

  98. GDF AGAIN! says:

    Hi Cody, just found out Mark M is no longer with you on the weekends GREAT! I’ll be waking up early and start watching you again starting this weekend hooray!. But I am sorry for all the negative feedback, me included, he just didn’t fit in. Sorry! I’m sure he will do well and succeed elsewhere! That’s part of the business.

  99. GDFan AGAIN! says:

    and I will give the week day show a try??? But, you cody will be no. 1.

  100. George Smith III says:

    5 A.M weekdays and 6am club saying hi and to all Gooday and Cbs members with fans. Im up early your fan from last year. My picture should be online or somewhere. Also next Saturday Raging Waters is pre hiring.

  101. DeeTee says:

    Hi Cody, I love watching all of your folks in the morning but can you tell us Where is Mark Mathis? Did he go back to Texas? Is no longer working for CW? What is the big HUSH HUSH? I figure he is no longer in your bios he must of been canned….so sad i was starting to like him. Good Luck Mark Mathis!!

  102. mark says:



  103. Gina says:

    I dont know why we even bother to leave messages – nobody responds – I’m still trying to find out if he ate all the sushi a couple of weeks ag0……guess I’ll never know.

  104. Patti says:

    It’s been interesting reading everyone’s comments. I too came here to find out where Mark Mathis disappeared to. It would’ve been nice that “something” was mentioned on the show for a couple of days about “waz up with Mark M”….you know he was a crazy out there kind of guy, so over the top he left you wondering…., lol…..I was just getting used to him…..

  105. Zek says:

    Cody, Love the weekend shows. I really hate to see people bash you on your own page….I will miss MM. You do seem to go thru the co-host’s!! Why don’t you get Don to do it with you???

  106. Dee Tee says:

    Hello..Good Day Sacramento Weekend Show just seemed so get better. I was so happy to see Angel Cardenas on CW31. Cody I sure hope he is your new co host you too would be a big hit. Keep up the great work.

  107. Sheila says:

    Good Morning Cody: You are my go to guy, you always find the answer to some really hard questions. Here’s my question: Is Mayor Johnson’s (and I use that term VERY loosely) only ambition in life to get an NBA team to Sacramento or build a new arena. I’m so sick of hearing about the new arena. Our economy is in the toilet & all he talks about is spending LOTS of money that we don’t have. If he would put as much effort into the Science Museum in Old Sac (you previewed a couple of weeks ago) as he does in the NBA we could have a big attraction in Sacramento that would draw money year round. And the benefits would be gigantic for our kids as well as adults. I would be very interested in hearing what your viewers have to say about the way Mr. Johnson is conducting business.
    Thanks Cody & hope you have a day as awesome as you are.

  108. Rosella--Turlock says:

    Where is Mark Mathis?

  109. Bob says:

    Cody, you seem sad lately… I hope they haven’t put the brakes on you as well? Where’s Mathis? and… Don Geronimo? is that his porn name? Geronimoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… butthole.

  110. Mary says:

    I will be watching your weekend show more often now that Julissa is back and I will not be watching during the week . I can’t stand her and I am not a hater because I like everyone else. So I will just catch up on the weekends with you and I miss Jackie. Will she be coming back?

  111. sam says:

    dear sir, are you a meteorologist? if I might ask a question, isn’t it the amount of heat in the atmosphere that determines more then just temperature as to how cold or warm a person feels

  112. dave staydohar says:

    Dude……what happened to your buddy Mathis….could tell right away the way he was being treated and pushed to the side that he wouldn’t be around long…..I gave him 6 months…don’t think he lasted that long. Kinda feel sorry for the guy…..he tried. Love your new sidekick…Melissa…she is so darn cute….won’t be there

  113. dave staydohar says:

    Dude what happened to your buddy Mathis? Didn’t think he’d be there long…..was kicked around and pushed aside from the get-go. Kinda feel sorry for the dude. I gave him 6 months…but I didn’t think it took that long for him to disappear…love Melissa…your new partner

  114. Jon says:

    Cody Sheriff Joe is awsome bring him to Placer County. We could use some budget cuts, chain gangs, and lessons in how to use innate labor. More Sheiff Joe and less hippies!

  115. V Jones says:

    I Love all the gds crew (except New Mark M) but Cody is my very favorite. Your sense of humor is spot on and you always have the quickest wit of anyone. I just feel good when Cody is on.

    1. Shymaa says:

      – Your work is fattasnic. Love the clean crisp looks…and you obviously pro getting the best out of your subjects. thanks for the inspiration.June 25, 2010 – 7:32 pm

  116. Marco says:

    Finally!!! you got a partner worthy of you – Melissa is great.
    Try to keep her. You both click real good.

  117. Dee Tee says:

    Hi Cody!! The weekend show is so much better to watch. I luv Angel Cardenas I’m hoping he is your next cohost. He is a keeper I would say!!!!

  118. lacey says:

    You asked who needs a reality show on Saturday 4.23.11, I think Gary Busey and Phil from Survivor need there own reality show. They both should be sent to redemption island to see who is more crazy.

  119. Leah says:

    Hi Cody,
    Have loved you since the first day you came to GDS. I have been watching GDS since March 1996. Sadly I have to say that I will no longer watch during the week. I will only watch you on the weekends now. I had gotten used to Mark M, now he is gone and I feel bad for him. Nick Toma is gone and that nauseating windbag Don G. is still there. Could barely stand to watch between 6-8 when Nick was there. Absolutely can not do it now that he is gone. I am sad they haven’t even given us a clue as to what happened. Guessing it must have been bad. If you go I won’t watch weekends either. I am sad. 😦 Hoping you find a good co-host for the weekends, it’s obvious Melissa won’t be around for a while. Will Lori come back? Love ya. Yopu make me smile. Thank you! 🙂

  120. Carolyn says:

    Where is Nick??? He has been gone for awhile.
    I am so glad Mark M is gone. I like Melissa now.

  121. Donna says:

    Jackie’s gone, Neda’s Gone, Nick Toma is gone… NICK TOMA IS GONE??? WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING!!!???

  122. maryellen says:

    Hey Cody, does Collin still love cloud formations, while on
    vacation I took alot of pictures because I to love cloud
    formations, and I’d like to e-mail you a few if you’d like. I’ve
    taken some of my pictures and made them into 16×20 for
    my wall

  123. Babs says:

    Oh Cody, you are just wonderful!!! You make my husband and I laugh. You are a breath of fresh air!!! You are funny, interesting talented and have a good wife who must really be a honey to put up with your silly antics. Your job is not easy and your dedication to Saturday and Sunday is outstanding!!! Having to work the weekends sucks, but you do it with such grace that you make our days. Your Sunday with Elenore is so cute. What a sweet lady she seems to be. What is with all of these pregnant ladies that you are working with?

  124. Mike says:

    could you wish my wife LeAnn a happy birthday today. she goes to work at 8:00am, i love her with all my heart…………..

  125. SHARI says:

    Cody, Cody, Cody! Please stop wearing that blue/green diamond vest….ugh. Put it in the back of your closet & then rotate your shirts. You are such a handsome man, but your driving me crazy with that sweater vest. Ohh …k hope you don’t take offense. Love you, Shari

  126. Tammy Alexander says:

    If I ever have a band I would name it “Mixed Nuts”. It would just seem to fit our family & Friends who would also be in the band.

    Tammy Alexander
    Sonora CA

  127. GINA ARBOGAST says:

    I was away from GDS for a few weeks because of illness. & although I did miss you. (You’re really the whole show)! I wasn’t missing Mark Matthias, When I felt well enough to watch again Imagine my surprise to see him gone! I’m sorry to be elelated, but he really was hard for me to like. I do believe that a girl co-anchor would best to play off of your great personality.

  128. Jackie says:

    u guys were laughing about the pig named ducky, so i thought i would share a little story about pet names. wen i was little, i named my pets by the color they were. i once had a baby duck by the name of yellow, as it grew, it turned white. i finally got used to calling it whitey, wen my black lab dog named blacky, ate the duck. the whole thing confused me so i didnt get any more pets after that. sad huh?

  129. Marty says:

    Cody , thought you would like this .
    yep riding a horse across the country for his mama.
    he was a good friend of mine grew up in truckee.

    1. Leo J says:

      Do the translators translate in English when you guys (anchors) speak Spanish?

  130. Sharon says:

    Cody you are awesome…..keep it going, you are doing a great job.

  131. Tammie says:

    I have been up all night, thinking that my son will finally move out and I could start making me a spa. Only if I dream harder maybe it might come true.!!!!<<%^what do you think????

  132. mary cook says:

    I found your making fun of the lottary winner James Freeman offensive. Your story mentioned he was diabled but what you failed to mention that he is a disabled veteran who served his country maybe he should not have been chewing gum in the interview but report it correctly

  133. Wal-Mart Nana says:

    Happy Anniversary Cody,We all love you, here!

  134. Rick says:

    LOL….I read the bio to see what happened to Jackie and everyone else has been wondering too. I liked her. I thought she was hot! 🙂

  135. Rick says:

    ….ooopppssss! I mean’t Neda. LOL

  136. Heidi in Orangevale says:

    Cody Where o where has Nick Toma gone? I know you will spill the beans. Is Marianne a “Black Widow”? She seems to go through a fair share of cohosts. I love her anyway!!! Oh and the weather turns out better when your on.

  137. darlene says:

    Sometimes you hear things you wish you hadn’t. My daughter was enamored with tattoos and living in Davis. We went to lunch one day in the summer (more opportunity for the multitude of tattoos to be viewed) and as we were leaving the restaurant I was paying the bill as my daughter went on out. In walks a family with a collage age child and what I overheard was “THAT’S why I’m nervous about you attending college here. You could end up looking like THAT!” Some people DO judge a book by it’s cover.

  138. Alice says:

    I have a few tats and I want to offer the following advice from experience:
    1. Eat a steak for dinner and eat high protien for a couple of days so your body heals.
    2. Ice down after to soothe and reduce swelling. It can also help reduce potential bleeding.
    3. Aquaphor religously!
    Becareful tats are addicting!

  139. Marco says:

    I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw you subject yourself to a tatoo on your right arm! All this time I always thought of you as a regulation and decent person – you just became another low-life who thinks a tatoo is a badge of honor – now you are marked for life, and most likely your children will follow your example. Did your wife approve it? or is she a tatoo lady as well?

    1. Linda says:


  140. Ante Fizulic says:

    Hey Cody just watchin the show and heard about why I shouldnt be alive. Id love to come up on your show and tell my story how I had a bullet enter my face go through my brain and come out on top of my skull. Im still here and never had a problem.

  141. Mark B says:

    Miss you on Fox 59

  142. Linda says:


  143. Larry says:

    Hi Cody,love your weekend show. I lived in Evansville, Indiana 1967-1972, before your time! However did you ever meet a weather lady there named Marsha Youchi (spelling?)? She was a real character. I also played golf with weatherman Andy Hopkins, a real cool guy. I would have missed a very special place if I had not went to the U of E.but California was calling and it was time to leave the midwest. Keep up the good work. Maybe some day we can find a co-host who can keep up with you!

  144. cheese says:

    Hi Cody it’s cheese, but now in Colfax. Where did Nick Toma and Mark Mathis go? Cheese in Colfax

  145. Cheryl Williams says:

    Cody you are awesome person make our day to see your so easy going we have been gone what happened to Nick?? is it true that he & MaryAnn had words and Nick was asked to leave? and what happened to Mark Mathis?
    let us know thank you.

  146. cheese says:

    Hi Cody it’s Cheese in Colfax, no cable yet but I watch on line. Unsure how to be a early raiser It use to be eaiser. Cheese in Colfax

  147. Kevin says:

    Did you ever show your finished Tat,was watching day you were having it done but never saw finished tat.

  148. Justin says:

    Cody. I. Watch. Good. Day every. Morning

  149. Rich says:

    What was the name of the new burger place in Folsom? It was on Iron Point I think.

  150. Don says:

    hey Cody did’t get this to you for the weekend show, just wanted to pass on to you that I have a vcr tape of the first game the Kings played in Sacramento, Mary Jane Popp sang the National Anthem.

  151. marilou pirtle says:

    cody, can you pls. tell me what the weather is going to be in-meraux la. -? i’m going to be their -9/7/ to 9/24/11. you are a very sweet person ..t.y./marilou.

  152. Linda Helling says:

    Hey Code Man , heard you were a Ludo fan?

  153. Rich Kaleilonoheana Hussey says:

    Cody, You have asked more than once how the flower in your hair works. Just like a wedding ring. On the left you are taken. On the right, you be looking. Trust me on this one I am from Hononlulu, Hawaii. Hows your mama them?

  154. cody stark says:

    dear cody my great grand partents last name is abcerombie iam there great grand daugther so iam realed to the abcrombie i watch you guys every moring

  155. paula d castles says:

    you are so lovable! i always watch on weekends,too!! KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING!

    1. Vanessa says:

      Valeu pela dica, só que eu peceisri primeiro criar os diretórios .virtualenvs e depois dar um source no virtualenvwrapper_bashrc, pois reclamava que o diretório não existia.

  156. Diana Loconte says:

    I think your side kick Amy is doing such a good job. She seems to fit right in. She is very witty and has such a great smile. Sh’es great.

  157. Linda Baxter says:

    Cody sounds exactly like Tom Arnold! On his latest ad about digging for gold, if you close your eyes…………it’s Arnold’s voice!

  158. Cindy says:

    Cody I love your style! Not very often do people get my southern (Arkansas) humor and love/joy of the simple things. You make me smile buddy! I look forward to the weekends……….could u do me a favor? Give Ju Ju the weekends off! She is like nails on a chalkboard to me!

  159. Cathy G says:

    I love watching you, you are so funny.

  160. Kathy Detherage says:

    Please tell me Cody is not gone! I hate when you replace somebody and don’t tell us why! My family and I have watched this show for many, many years while getting ready for work or school. If Cody is now gone I will not watch anymore as I took a long break from this show when you had Mark Mathis and Don Geronimo on. Your competitors have great shows also but it’s the people on your show that I like to watch. “News and entertainment” all at once.
    Also, what happened to Mahoney??

  161. KAY says:

    Cody are you still on Good Day I dont see much of you. I hope you are still there.

  162. momrocks47 (paula d castles) says:

    hope you got the last post. i only wrote another short one about my pic and if it was received for the 5am club……..

  163. Holly says:

    Our family calls Good Day Sacramento “Cody”. We we wake up in the mornings someone always says turn Cody on!

    We love everyone and everything on the show, but we call it Cody.

  164. shirl says:

    Hello Cody. I am hoping you can shed some light on this.Where the heck is Nick Toma??? I see that some have posted interest but there has been no clear response that i have seen. He was a great addition and Its kinda not the same without him. Hoping he wasnt fired or got into it with Don J as some have implied. Was it because of Don jeranamoe??

  165. momrocks47 (paula d castles) says:

    i loved your attire on sunday! you are always cool!

  166. mike says:

    Cody PLEASE let everyone know that the charmichael post office is collecting money for Jerry’s Kids they will be in front of the P.O. on fairoaks at 9:30 am TODAY please help the kids they almost have a cure so lets not stop now P.S. SEND LKIVE TRUCK THANKS Mikey

  167. Lisa Hoffman says:

    Please announce the Walk Now for Autism Speaks this Sun 10/9 at Raley field Reg at 9 Walk at 11. My 3yr old grandson has made amazing progress due to early diagnosis and great therapy. Our team “Luke and the Sky Walkers” would appreciate your support. We love the show, It just starts our days off well and happy

  168. momrocks47 (paula d castles) says:

    great show!

  169. bob says:


  170. Guest says:

    Cody where are you? The show is not the same and the new guy has me ready to turn good day to never watch again. He does not fit and is annoying.

  171. Beth says:

    Hi Cody ~ my weird dream was right after i had to put down my 17 year old schnauzer. I dreamed I was in intensive care in the hospital and unconscious. All around me were all of the animals I had owned over the years….and they were deciding whether to put me down……yikes!!!

  172. Bill Silky says:

    Good mourning, I like watching your show. you are a good anker. I like your co host on the weekends. I whould like to hear from her. Thank you. Bill Silky

  173. Sherry Lou says:

    Hi, I am writing because the card company Hallmark does not have any Veterans Day cards with women on them. I called the company and the representative said she would send my concerns to the “Caring Committee”. Are you as offended as I am that they do not portray women troops on their cards??? They not all nurses and I am deeply upset…

  174. Diana says:

    Cody Stark you have been my all time favorite personality on the show since you arrived and again, today reminds me WHY!!!!! Not that I NEED help remembering… I ADORE you CODY STARK. I pray you never “disappear” from the show like others have in the past (WEIRD!) You are for real and I thank you.
    A Forever Fan,
    Diana R, Turlock

  175. Phil & Gerry PERRY says:

    We are SCARY PERRY HAUNTED HOUSE which we have been doing for 14 years which is usually not done in time enough for your show. So this is the 1st time I am contacting you. We have been getting over a 1000 people every year and mainly by word of mouth. Expecting more this year because it is for 4 days. The guys Phil and Don do a REALLY REALLY good job. (I’m Gerry, the wife who puts up with his hobby) We have roughly 60 volunteers working the event this year. If you could contact us at 239-3919 or just list us on your events for Halloween. IT’S a FREE. Address if 1576 Sage Sparrow Ave, Manteca, CA 95337. Runs Friday and Saturday 7 to 11 pm. Sunday and Monday 7 to 10 pm. You should see some of this stuff they built. Amazing.

  176. Lonnie says:

    what up homie

  177. crazymark says:

    hey calling real early You have to see the union suite /grander mt. So nice. warm warm warm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. momrocks47 (paula d castles) says:

      hey you guys! from a devoted fan of each of you!

  178. theresa says:

    Hi Cody, love u on Good day (miss Nick Toma) anyway a few days back u showed a little girl in the back seat of a car singing adele song. Cute…..Can u forward it to me! or direct me to find it! Looked on youtube, no luck

  179. Sam Shafer says:

    I live in Chester, Cali. and would like to here and see just a little on our town. Tahoe is beautiful in the winter. But to most of us who live here would say we r just as beautiful if not more beautiful. My wife and I watch Good Day Sacramento each and everyday. We love all you u who give us the weather. Have awesome day and God bless each and everyone of your team.

  180. Gary says:

    Imagine if you will: John Valdez, Juan’s younger brother, wearing hat and poncho. You show various shots of the Andes and lowlands of Columbia where the best coffee is grown. Then show John, holding a coffee cup, saying, “I don’t always drink someone elses coffee, but when I do do, I drink CARRABA!

  181. bob says:

    I have been gone for awhile what happend to Nick Toma were did he go. thank you

    1. A guy named Kim says:

      He went to the east coast to further his carrer. That’s what he decided to do and I wish him well.

  182. Lily says:

    Cody HELP my daughter is getting married on sat nov. 12 in turlock is it going to rain?????????

  183. Kelly White says:

    Regarding Michael Jackson.
    We know who did it, we know what he did, my question is why?

  184. Sally says:

    Definitely CHUNKY everything is good with nuts!

    1. margie says:

      the best is chunky all the time

  185. lyn jones says:

    your soo cool cody !!!! you used to crack me up 🙂 wearing all that crazy stuff and being silly, you rock miss watching you..congrats on the new one .. take care happy hoildays to you and yours

  186. melodie says:

    Hi Cody,I have been here in Cali since 2004.Was born in Alabama but spent most of my life in Georgia.Every year my friends and I would put masking tape down the middle of the room with auburn fans on one side and alabama on the other.We would fire up the grill and then it was on!!!.I knew there was a good reason I liked you and now I know why,GO AUBURN!!! WAR EAGLE!!!!!!

  187. M.A. Ross says:

    Too bad you’re losing the ‘stash Nov. 1st 😦
    I think it makes you look hecka sexy 😉
    And wearing that football jersey is just adding fuel to the fire!
    How does the Mrs. even let you out of the house like that!! lol

  188. joe says:

    please cancel the show and run infomercials.

  189. Kim says:

    I’m still waiting for you to show me, or at least send me the instructions on how to make the “killer omelet” to claim to know how to make.

    The guy Kim
    Citrus Heights

  190. Michele says:

    YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! You and Amy are my favorites and keep me laughing each time you on. Keep me laughing…Michele

    1. A guy named Kim says:

      IMHO, I think Amy is great addition to the team, but I really like Ken and Marianne while Cody does his usual fun and sometimes crazy stuff. He makes a great anchor, but an even better sidekick!

    2. A guy named Kim says:


  191. Tawnya Hunt says:

    cody luv u watch everyday ur cute and funny .

  192. Diana says:

    Cody! See if you can find the Mexican toy dancing arm dog link that Marianne and Sam and Martha (Marta ?) showed way too briefly one day last week! OMG, it was sooooo funny and you would have sooooo much fun with it I think!. I would love to have this link myself, even if you don’t use it on air. Could you get it from the guys in the booth for me pleeeeeeeeeez, for my christmas miracle?

  193. says:

    Hey Cody, You are my favorite. Now that all the troops are coming home can you find a date when they will arrive in Sacramento? How nice it will be if we have a large showing of us flat landers to cheer them on! My father spent 34 years in the Air Force. He was deployed in world war two, Korean war and three deployments in Vietnam! I look forward to your reply.

  194. Ben says:

    Cody my man! How old are you???

  195. Joe in Roseville says:

    Cody … Can you tell me why, during the Christmas season … we sing or listen to songs about …
    Chet standing way too close to a fire …
    An angel named Harold …
    People laughing at a guy named Bob who has a tail with bells on it …


    excerpts of specific Song lyrics …

    Chet’s nuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping on your nose …
    Hark the Harold the angel sings “Glory to the newborn King!
    Dashing through the snow, In a one horse open sleigh, O’er the fields we go
    Laughing all the way, Bells on Bob’s tail ring, Making spirits bright


    Joe in Roseville

  196. decades costumes says:

    HI cody….just a note of happy holidays to you and the whole staff …thanks for the plugs….not the bald ones….james of decades costumes sacramento

  197. decades costumes says:

    just a quick happy holidays to you and the whole staff…thanks for the plugs ..not the bald kind ..james of decades costumes sacramento

  198. Jordan says:

    Hey Cody! I am watching from Massachusetts today, I remember you used to keep track of all the places you’ve had viewers online! Just thought I would let you know!
    -Jordan B

  199. Julie Ann says:

    Most memorable 2011 is my 16 year old son had a brain tumor and blood clot in his brain- by the grace of God they found it before it completely imploded- he has received most of his eyesight back and with hope they will be able to fix the other complications-
    Most important John is here to share the NEW YEAR with us!

    We still have a medical journey but we are hopeful for the cure!

    A grateful mother~

  200. ed says:

    you should have gone to raleys for your mt olive pickles.did you have your new years black eye peas

  201. Joyce says:

    Oregon Ducks did it!!!!!!!

  202. Jacque Villa says:

    Cody…get a new pair of boots!!! On the 12 oclock news today, all you could see was a hole in the tip of your boots……Love ya anyway…..:)

  203. Dee says:

    Dear Cody, Cody, Cody,
    Would you PLEASE, PLEASE either say Happy Birthday to my son Tyler OR do your famous nod in honor of his b’day. His father has been away, overseas for 7-years, and he is now turning 18! If you do, I’ll forever be grateful! Many thanks.

    Dee in Foothill Farms (sac county)

    1. Linda says:

      Guys, just so you know Cody only reads whats sent to not any of these emails!

  204. Ann Fausett says:

    During 49er’s game I was missing my Dad who past away over a year ago. we used to call each other and scream over the phone at each good or back then usually bad play. But we were always faithful. Yesterday’s game (49er’s vs. Stinks) I was scared as Saints pulled ahead. I asked Dad to put a good word in with the “Big Guy”. BOOM! Touchdown Vernon! We won! Thanks to both my Dad’s in heaven!! I miss you!

  205. carol says:

    cody im looking for the vidio BABY MONKEY. can u help me please.

  206. Omar Siskin says:

    ok why is this essential when raceing nicely noone like’s broken spoke’s and bent rim’s yes should you didn’t know that loose spokes trigger a substantial trouble they do anywhere from hole’s in tube’s to bent wheel to broken spokes to total failure and that is never ever very good as well as a spoke wrench is often a vital tool to have i know what most people are thinking man you got me getting ton’s of tool’s and equipment to race and yes that is what it takes bare bone’s raceing suck’s noone like’s to complete it and noone want’s to complete it sorry guy’s possibly an individual should really call are president and tell him we have to have emergency moto grant to serve all motocross racer’s across the country

  207. Bill Norwood says:

    I would want to have Guy Ferrari in the elevator, He always has access to good food.

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