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So they asked me to update my bio since it said my daughter was “recently born” (she is now driving). I didn’t have a lot of time, so I just copied and pasted Oprah’s official bio from

Through the power of media, Oprah Winfrey Cody Stark has created an unparalleled connection with people around the world Northern California, Indiana, Tennessee, Alabama, and parts of Norway. As supervising producer weather anchor and host host of the top-rated, award-winning The Oprah Winfrey Show Good Day Sacramento Weekend Show, she he has entertained moderately entertained, enlightened eh and uplifted millions of viewers at least 37 people for the past two decades. Her His accomplishments as a global media leader and philanthropist have established her him as one of the most respected and admired public figures today (by his wife, two kids, and his cats.)


Cody’s Latest Segments

  • Ninebots
    Cody is previewing the brand new personal transportation unit, the Ninebot One, with very mixed results!
  • 90/90/90 Birthday Bike Ride
    Cody hung out with a 90 year old today who was about to bike his 90,000th mile with 90 of his friends!
  • Mermaid Theater
    Cody took the stage underwater this morning! Dive Bar is doing a theatrical underwater show and Cody went there to give us a preview.
  • Wild Things Critters
    The fifth annual Nature Fest, a community service event geared to families of school-aged children, boy scouts, girl scouts, and other youth organizations.
  • Cyclocross Heckle Hill
    The Amgen Tour may be long gone, but cycling once again takes center stage in West Sacamento this Saturday when pros and amateurs alike take to the streets for the Cyclocross Grand Prix!! Mayor Christopher Cabaldon (who’s a devoted cyclist) not only helped organize the event, he’s also participating!!
  • Lasher Polo Classic
    Replace your divots! We were live this morning with a preview of this Saturday’s Lasher Polo Classic, which benefits the Sacramento SPCA!
  • GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma
    Its Indy cars last race, 6 YES 6 drivers are in the running for the championship.
  • Too Busy To Be Healthy?
    On top of eating right, working out is the key to be fit. Arman Sadeghi, Founder, Titanium Success Method  
  • Gnome Coming
    All summer we’ve had a special guest getting in on Good Day action for a good cause. Today, Gnome Wee John is headed back home to be reunited with his original owner.
  • TLK Celebrity Golf Tournament
    The mission of Treat’em Like A King is to assist disadvantaged, at-risk, and special-needs children and their families by supplying them with the essential materials and the skills needed in order to better their lives.

  • Cindy

    I’ve been working on weekends and now I see that the new sidekick is gone. What happened? I really liked her. LOVE GDS

  • henry

    where is Jackie Trachia from Chicago?

    • Nanie

      Jackie moved back to Florida to be with her family.

  • Jan

    I too would like to know what happened to Jackie Trachia. Last time I checked she was still on the page bios but today she isn’t there. I believe that she was the best you have had on at the W/E as you and she really were great together plus she had a wide range of knowledge. Love your show.

    • Lisa

      Help Good Day….My memory is bad, but didn’t Jackie go back to Chicago? And I don’t see your wkend co-host Nada? on your site with her own Bio; Is she gone? I always felt bad for her because it sounded like it was hard for her to speak with a possible deviated septum. Cody you are so friendly and easy going. Luv ya!

      • Jennifer Mumford

        Nada is still there but is doing weather on 13 the night segment. 5-6??

  • Maria

    What did happen to Jackie Tranchida?

  • Tim Sjobeck

    Prevent freezing and subsequent bursting of pipes by following these suggestions……

  • melany

    I used to love Cody and all his energry. Now he is either off sick or on the air complaining about being sick He has’nt been the same since Taryn left the show. I will not miss the show when I move to Arizona.

  • Robert

    Christina should be the new co-host on the weekends,don’t get me wrong Neda is great but Christina is AWSOME. I would watch that for the entire show not just the couple of hours that I watch now,also where is her Bio at. Oh one more thing still missin me some Shaine Wells

  • rhonda

    mark is obnoxious and we change the chanel when he tries to interview people, talks over the top of them and is more rude than funny…………….. you are great, a perfect blend. :) rb

  • Michellelynne

    Hay Cody tell thoes people to just shut the door! Mark 2 Is GREAT, and a perfect replacement for Jackie T.!!!!!!!!

  • staca

    Please help, Cody. Mark Mathis does not compliment the show. It details his personality by showing the negitive email from Jim and ?

    • Terry Villines

      where is Mark Mathis ?

  • Kym

    Lunin the goodday crew, watch u every morning kisses to ya Code man.. just wish i could be there to meet ya’ll. PS> Hi Alan!!!… SNOOCHIE BOOCHIE.

  • Pat

    What is the name of the song that is playing with the stretch this morning. It’s by Enya. Thanks much in advance.

  • Louie Adame

    Hi Cody, I have been watching you for almost 3 years and I’m part of your 4:30am crew. Now I just had surgery and been on and off for a few months. Has the station gone through a change of staff? I saw one of staff a female friend of Tina on channel 40. Plus your missing that straight guy sometimes not funny. Why did Jackie leave? And who is the non American with you on weekends. Anyway she is funny but you have gone through changes, why does everyone wear suites. Your all looking too straight or got scared straight ha. Let me know please, thanks.

  • Sharon

    Cody, I’m visiting here in Auburn from Hazel Green, AL. (I’m sure you’ll know where that is.) You show pictures from Bald Mountain and I would like to know just where Bald Mountain is. Love all of Good Day, even watch it from AL.

  • Dale

    Yes, it is true, Sunday, Nov. 28th, 2010;
    Kristine (wife), Debbie (sister), and I (Dale) were dong the ‘Ol No.7 (Jack Daniels) Yams recipe. We were elevating the yam to a different level (do not ask me what level – up or down).
    Yes, it was a slow news day. (Usually a live shot of a high speed car chase in L.A. is feed in and bumps off the really important stuff – like cooking.)
    I emailed Ashley W.a still photo of the ‘Ol No.7 Yam gang.

  • Veronica Clewis


  • Tereasa Kelley

    I wanna know where you got the rock n roll shoes? I need to get a pair of those for my son.

  • Amy

    What happened to Cody? Lately, we get more of the new guy and less of Cody. The new guy is annoying as heck!

  • sean

    yo cody!!??! hey ive been out of the states for 3 months and i come back to find out that jackie is GONE? what the heck? she was my favorite next to you!!!!

  • Amy

    Why are we seeing less of Cody and more of the goofy new guy? BTW- lose the new guy. He’s annoying as heck!!

  • Michele Butler

    My something good is my 103 yr. old grandma I live with her and help take care of her, but she still gets around great and is sharp as a tack. She is the oldest person in our town which is a small town Keyes, Calif. Michele Butler

  • Nikki

    I love your shirts. Where can I buy them?

  • Jacki

    Auburn is going down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quack Quack

  • Jacki

    Auburn is going down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quack Quack

  • anthony

    , i sent you a email today for help i hope you see it thanks Cody

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