Andres Marquez

Andres Marquez

Andres Marquez

Andres is a Spanish language interpreter.


One Comment

  1. RIC says:

    Thank you my brother for your input!!

  2. Marco says:

    You think by making faces and acting like a five year old makes you acceptable – no, no, no. You make the Latinos look like dumb, uneducated and low life. Try acting like a man, a Latino man.

    1. Mary says:

      I’m sorry, but are you asking him to act like the macho, no sense of humor, demanding self important man? Trust me, a man with a playful personality and sense of humor is far more attractive than a serious, no sense of humor man. Latino or not. He fits right in with the rest of the Good Day staff.

  3. The individual who made said remarks is probaly jealous that he’s not in possesion of the humbleness that my man Andres has. I dont think this individual would even try to be so demeaning towards Andres’s character if he was standing infront of him. Andy is not only big hearted – he a big guy that is very familiar with mixed martial arts. Keep up the wacky stuff Andy – the best revenge is living well & u seem to have that coverd. I love the show every morning – full of energy & humor. Keep up the good work Andres & keep in toutch with me.

  4. terry j. wycuff says:

    Andres is the reflection of perfection. One adorable dude with
    dimples to die for!!!!

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