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Alan Sanchez is a reporter.

I was born in Turlock, California, A “local boy”. I attended grade school at Sacred Heart elementary and High School at Hilmar High. After high school, I didn’t think that college was for me. It took me three years to figure out that college was for me! Not sure about what I wanted to major in, I took different classes to see what I might like. The first class I walked into was beginning television production. After 10 minutes in that class, I knew that this is what I wanted to do! I wanted to be in front of the camera and report the news. That day, I dropped all of my other classes and registered��� for more television production – related classes.

While an intern at a local news station in Modesto, (Central Valley Report) I was asked to be a student reporter. I reported on local events and stories about Modesto Jr. College. It was great to see myself on TV every week and I was always excited to report all areas of the news, yet sports’ reporting is where I have most of my expertise.

In the early days as an Intern at Good Day Sacramento, I would drive from Turlock to Sacramento every weekend to help out in anyway that I could. After two weeks, Chris Burrous pointed out on the show that I was wearing a name tag that I had made for myself.�� The next day, I was given just one shot to prove to everyone that I wasn’t just any intern. I was sent with “Super Photog” (news speak for photographer) Doug Key, to tour the home that St. Jude’s Hospital was giving away. That day, I took a shower on TV with my shorts on and belly-danced on top of a new bed. The rest is history!�� I’m not the best reporter and I have much to learn, yet I am ready, willing, and able to tackle anything!

I enjoy life because you only live once. I also enjoy sports, movies, and good restaurants and, oh yeah, watching TV. My favorite part about being on Good Day Sacramento is that I’m living a dream. I have been a fan of the show since it first started and now I’m a reporter on the show that I always dreamed about being a part of.

People always ask me ~ “You seem to fit so well �. Why?”� I say to them ~ “because I didn’t just grow up watching Good Day Sacramento � I was a Good Day Sacramento reporter in training!”

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