Martha Garcia

web headshot martha garcia Martha Garcia

Martha Garcia

Martha is a Spanish language interpreter.

Martha Judith Garcia was born in the very late sixties south of the Tropic of Cancer in the Mexican town of San Juan de Los Lagos. She is the proud mother of twins, Natalia and Mariano, and has two younger sisters and seven younger brothers.

Since she was a student at Modesto Junior College, she decided to major in Journalism, and wrote for the Pirate’s Log, as well as several Spanish language weekly publications, and also participated in an internship program for the local Spanish language TV station, Univisión 19. Martha also worked for two Spanish language radio stations before transferring to Sacramento State, where she majored in Humanities, with a double Major in Italian Studies. She holds a Master’s Degree in Spanish, and is a State Certified Interpreter. She’s very happy to be able to work in her fields of interest, news and languages: she’s a part-time Spanish instructor and translator, and is one of the interpreters for the SAP service in Good Day Sacramento

When she is not being entertained by her very funny children, Martha enjoys writing short stories, reading (although she’s much better doing the latter), investigating and documenting her family tree, jewelry making, foreign films, county fairs, homemade meals and being surrounded by people with a sense of humor. She loves romance languages, music, gypsy folklore, Charrería, the Mexican national sport, rivers, gardenias, pomegranates and the color green.

Martha Judith García nació muy a finales de los años sesenta al sur del trópico de Cáncer, en el pueblo mexicano de San Juan de Los Lagos. Es la orgullosa mamá de mellizos, Natalia y Mariano, y de siete hermanos y dos hermanas menores.

Desde que era estudiante en Modesto Junior College, decidió seguir la carrera de periodismo, y era redactora en el Pirate’s Log, al igual que en varias publicaciones semanales en español, y también participó en un programa para pasantes en la estación televisiva Univisión 19. Martha también trabajó en dos estaciones de radio en español antes de transferirse a la Universidad Estatal de Sacramento, en donde cursó las carretas de Humanidades y de Estudios Italianos. Recibió el título de Maestría en Español y es una intérprete acreditada por e estado. Está muy contenta de poder trabajar en sus campos de interés: las noticias y los idiomas: Martha es instructora de español y traductora, además es una de los intérpretes del servicio SAP en el programa televisivo Good Day Sacramento.

Cuando sus chistosísimos hijos no la están divirtiendo, a Martha le gusta escribir cuentos, leer (aunque admite hacer lo segundo mucho mejor), investigar y documentar su arbol genealógico, fabricar joyería, ver películas extranjeras, las ferias de los condados, las comidas caseras, y estar rodeadas por gente con buen sentido del humor. Le encantan las lenguas romances, la música, el folklore de los gitanos, la Charrería, los ríos, las gardenias, las granadas y el color verde.


One Comment

  1. mamaro says:

    I know the Lopez family from San Juan de los Lagos. Are you familiar with them and do you know if it’s true that Yolanda del Rio came from there? Love seeing you on the weekend.

  2. RIC says:

    Thank you for your beauty & fine work!!!

  3. Marco says:

    You are the only with quality and professionalism. You make the Latinos proud of your attitude. Keep up the good work, and don’t let those payasos like the stupid Javier bother you.

  4. Marta says:

    ¡Hola a todos! Thank you for watching… all of us here in the SAP booth do our best every day for you to enjoy Good Day Sacramento in Spanish. And mamaro, I also know the Lopez families from San Juan. In fact, several of my relatives are Lopez by marriage. Take care!

  5. Juan the nerd says:

    Martita,ojala que tu no fuiste quien tradujo tu bio al castellano. Si lees cuantos hijos tienes, se nota que eres orgullosa de ser mama de un par de mellisos y de otros 7 hermanos y 2 menores? Todavia existimos aquellos que quieren hablar (no escribir, ya que mi ortografia se que no esta correcta en este comentario) el Espanol como se debe. Buena suerte

  6. Claudia says:

    HORRIFIC UPDATE on Samantha as of today, Wednesday, December 07, 2011 about 10:30AM:
    I am working with a wonderful director from a rescue that works with low income people and homeless with their pets in Sacramento. She is awesome. She was able to convince the owners to let her take Samantha to the vet today, Wednesday. Samantha is in really bad shape. Her demodex is chronic, her complete chest is raw, she has bumps all over her body and she can’t stop itching. She has chronic diarrhea, she is weak, she does not have vaccines and she does not get any attention. She still needs other tests. The original Sacramento County Animal report said it was not so bad and the dog is ok and has what she needs, but maybe it was because it was late in the evening and not enough light. This girl needs continued medical attention and the owners cannot give it!! Now to describe the horrid conditions she is living in! We hope the owners surrender her to the rescue. When the rescue went to pick her up to take her to the vet she was surrounded by her own diarrhea feces and lying in it, she is on a very short leash, she is tied all the time, she is in a corner in the back yard and is outside in this cold weather, she had no food or water, she was weak to get up and she cowered and whimpered when the male owner approached her (it was so sad), but so happy and loving to the two women from the rescue. She is very sweet and loving even though she is in these horrible conditions. We need to find a foster home for her where she is loved and cared for. The rescue is willing to take care of the medical. She needs your thought and prayers. She needs a Christmas miracle. This breaks my heart!!

  7. Diana says:

    Martha, Can you please send me the link to that little spanish toy dancing arm dog that sings ” mamacita”? You, sammy and Marianne showed it one day last week I think, but I did not catch the link and I can’t find it anywhere. i have asked Sam ans Marianne for the link as well, but have not heard anything back. Please help. I know this would make my kids laugh sooooo much. Please see if you can help me find it? Thanks so much


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